Best Niche Product for Dropshipping in 2020

So you’ve decided to set up an online dropshipping business, but you’re not sure what the best niche best product for dropshipping to sell on your store.

Picking the right niche product to offer can seem like a difficult task at first. That’s why it’s important to do a bit of initial research and look into dropshipping niches that are proven to be profitable but which also aren’t super competitive.

Here’s a list of some of the best products for dropshipping to consider selling on your store. 

Virtual Reality

best product for dropshipping
Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is an innovative technology that has taken the gaming world by storm, but VR has so many useful applications that go beyond just video games. A lot of companies have started using VR headsets for training and business purposes.

It’s possible we are looking at a technological revolution that could reshape the way some industries operate. Virtual Reality is a great niche to explore with huge potential. The VR market is still relatively new and is constantly evolving and innovating which makes it a great dropshipping idea.

The Virtual Reality niche goes beyond just VR headsets. You might also consider including VR accessories in your store as well, to further capitalize on the popularity of this new technology. These can come in the form of VR bags, tracker belts, smart gloves, foot-powered motion controllers, hygiene masks and many more products. 

Drone Accessories


Drone accessories belong to an emerging niche market that could turn out to be quite a profitable business idea. The FAA predicts that by the year 2020, there will be more than 7 million drones in the United States alone, and anticipates that the drone market will be worth as much as £127 billion.

Photographers and videographers are the people that buy the most drones and drone accessories. So you might consider marketing your business to that demographic. There is a wide range of drone accessories and equipment that you can find on a wholesaler like Aliexpress.

Popular items you might think about selling could include carrying cases, propellor guards, landing pads and cases for the drone remote controller. 

Horse Riding Accessories 

best product for dropshipping
Horse Riding Accessories

Sporting goods and accessories are among the most profitable products to sell online. Equestrianism is a very popular pastime and is only expected to grow even more, so you should consider cashing in on this trend and offer horse riding accessories on your online dropshipping store.

Horse racing has been at the forefront of the betting world for a long time, ever since the sport got its start in post-industrial Britain. Since then, horse racing has spread across the globe and has become an important spectator sport in countries like the United States and Australia.

The latter of these has more racecourses than any other country and is home to the Melbourne Cup, which is the biggest betting event on the Australian calendar and is known locally as the “the race that stops the nation”.

Horse riding is a very popular hobby throughout the world that people invest a lot of time and money in. You can make the most out of this by offering horse riding equipment on your sites like saddles, riding jackets, horse masks, and body protectors. 

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Small Dog Costumes

best product for dropshipping
Small Dog Costumes

Pet supplies are always a popular purchase for pet owners online. People love their pets and some pet owners invest serious money in their beloved animals, therefore it is a great category for sellers to specialize in.

Dog costumes are a great niche for dropshipping because dog lovers love to dress up their dogs in all kinds of fun costumes. It’s also easy to market all year round as you can specialize in seasonally themed dog costumes for Halloween, Christmas and beyond.

Vlogging Accessories

best product for dropshipping
Vlogging Accessories

These days it seems like everyone has their own vlog. With vlogging becoming an increasingly popular medium for content creators online, videographers need a whole range of affordable and functional video equipment.

There’s a lot of money-making potentials here with this niche. You might want to consider building a store based around providing professional video equipment to vloggers.

Tripods, microphones, lighting equipment, memory cards, and pop-up backgrounds are all great products to sell on your site. 
These are only a handful of some of the best products for dropshipping niches that you might think about exploring further with your online business.

For more help with marketing your chosen dropshipping niche, check out our post on the best platforms to promote your business online.

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