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Hello Friends,Today I am Talking about How are you create custom search engine,For creating custom  search engine you need a help of google search engine.

Steps for create custom search engine

Open your Browser and Search “Custom Search Engine” or Click here

After open Custom Search Engine Site you need to log in  google account See Screenhoots Below.

Now Click on the Add  Button See Screenhoots Below.

Fill Some Details:


  • Site Search – It Means Enter your site address for Showing Search Result From your site.
  • Language – Choose your Search Engine Language.
  • Name of the Search Engine – Enter your Custom Search Engine Name.
  • Now Click on the  Create Button

Congratulation your Custom Search Engine is active now configure your search engine.


  • Now add this search engine to your site it means add this Custom search engine on your Blog or website,It is so simple to add your search engine to any paticular website or Blog.


How to  add custom search engine in your website or blog?

Steps for configure your custom search engine in your website or Blog.

  • So first Click on the Receive Code  Button.
  • Now copy this code Shown in Box.
  • Open your website  add  html sidebar.
  • And Paste it on Html Box and save it
  • Now you will see your website show a custom search  engine.



Now See the  Second option View it on web so click on Public Url and get your search engine url    Example-

Now your Search engine is sucessfully Build Now Share Public Url with your Friends.

Go  to Search Engine  Control Pannel and Customize  your Search engine & Monatise Search Engine and Earn Money.

How to monatise custom search engine?

First go to your custom search engine control pannel and find make money options,go to make money and on Search engine monatisation,If you have already created google adsense account this feature is work properly So must create google adsense account and monatise your custom search engine.

Thanks  For Reading my Full article If you have any doubt &  question please comment in this article.

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