Flipkart Affiliate Program: Drive traffic and earn commission from anywhere

Do you have a traffic either on your website, youtube channel, application, mobile site or anywhere? I mean if you have customer or fan of your platform then you can use Flipkart affiliate program to promote Flipkart produce and start earning from it. This is the best affiliate program.

What is Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Every person knows what is Flipkart because Flipkart is a famous e-commerce website where anyone purchases anything online now the main thing you need to know is what is Flipkart Affiliate Program so the answer is to make money from every sale. I mean If you have a traffic either on your website or your mobile app then you need to sell product from Flipkart using your affiliate link when someone purchased your product using your link you will get a fixed commission.

What is the Flipkart commission for every sale?

For more information about Flipkart commission then click here

  • Books: 6% – 12%
  • E-Books: 6% – 12%
  • Mobiles: Up to 5%
  • Computers: Up to 6 %
  • Toys: 6% – 20%
  • Camera Up to 5%

How to create a Flipkart Affiliate Program Account?

Creating a Flipkart affiliate program account is so easy if you follow all the steps then you easily create the account.

Here is How to create a Flipkart Affiliate Program Account:

  • First, open your browser and click here to go to visit the website.
  • You can see this type of dashboard.  flipkart affiliate program
  • Now click on “Join now for free”
  • Now fill the form.
  • Now tick on I agree to the Flipkart Affiliate Program.
  • And press Resister
  • Your application will be sent to Flipkart affiliate program
  • Wait for 2 – 4 days and get your affiliate program full access
  • Email –  Enter your  email address and click on the generate otp  button.
  • Enter OTP – Sent in your  email address.
  • Mobile number –  Enter your mobile number and gennerate otp.
  • Now  fill mobile otp
  • Enter your  password
  • same enter password

I hope you guys like this article if you have any question or suggestion then comment.

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  1. Hey!
    I’m an affiliate of Flipkart Affiliate Program.
    I don’t get any feedback from their team for 2 month already.
    Rahul, do you have contact of their manager or support team in any messenger?


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