How to Create High-Quality PR Backlinks in India

In this article, I will talk about how to create high-quality pr backlinks in India.

What are Backlinks?

The backlink is a link of a website that gets from another website. Backlinks make a high-quality performance in the search engine result for the website. Everyone makes backlinks to the website for rank in top google searches.

Why create backlinks?

Backlinks are necessary for website ranking. Backlinks give the signal to google to rank higher in the search engine.

Which types of backlinks?

There are two types of Backlinks:

  1. Do-Follow Backlinks.
  2. No-Follow Backlinks.

What are Do-Follow Backlinks?

Do-Follow Backlinks are the backlinks that give a signal to rank higher in the search engine and it is permanent. Which is posted on articles directories, Commentluv (Comment), and Guest Posting it is working on web 2.0 sites.

What are No-Follow Backlinks?

No-Follow backlinks are the backlinks that read-only humans. So No-Follow backlinks don’t matter in website ranking. No-Follow backlinks come from social site comments include Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.

How to create high-quality pr backlinks in India?

Here is some ways to create high-quality pr backlinks in India:

  • Submit guest post to other blogs – Guest posting is very important to create top-quality backlinks from other websites and get high traffic.
  • Comment on Do-Follow blogs – Comment on other websites and submit your website link and get top-quality backlinks and also get medium traffic.
  • Social Networking – Create backlinks from social networking and get Do-Follow backlinks and traffic.
  • Answer in Quora questions – Create a Quora account and submit answers and get high-quality pr backlinks.
  • Answer Yahoo questions – Create a Yahoo account and submit answers and get high-quality pr backlinks.
  • Interlinking your blog – When you can write a post for your website you need to link another website article in the new article and get high-quality backlinks.
  • Submit your website to Blog directories – This means to submit your website link in blog directories and get high-quality backlinks.
  • Submit your blog to niche directories – Submit your website to niche directories and get high-quality backlinks.

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jee chriz
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4 years ago

sir i have started a blog website recently and i dont know much about the backlinks but from your article i try but i dont get any backlink from anywhere … so please share any strong tip with me that should help me,,,,

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Hi sir, this article is very helpful.