How To Turn Your Garden Room Into An Asset For Business & Daily Life

If your home is blessed with a garden room, finding a better use for it could be one of the most beneficial projects you complete all year. 

The self-contained structure can be so much more than just a storage shed for your garden tools. Here are some inspirational ideas that can serve you well as a small business owner or as a human.

Home office

A home office or office pod transformation is perhaps the most obvious option, but you cannot deny the appeal. Having a dedicated space that is separate from the rest of the property can be very useful, not least because it will be easier to maintain a mental barrier between work and leisure. Of course, there are many tools that you may need to help your company succeed. However, it will be impossible to achieve optimal productivity without an accommodating workspace that’s free from outside distractions.

The biggest challenges revolve around the HVAC systems and internet connection. Even if you only work from home for some of the time, this is one of the most popular uses for garden rooms.

A workshop / studio

In addition to turning garden rooms into office settings, many small business owners may find that they can become workshops for actively building and storing products. It is an ideal way to keep all tools and materials organized. Likewise, you can have project plans, technical drawings, and other features displayed on the walls or screens.

Alternatively, garden rooms make great studios for a range of business matters. Whether it’s teaching art and music or completing therapy sessions doesn’t matter. The self-contained space provides a safe and private space for all. When taking this route, however, it will be necessary to invest in good security and surveillance features. After all, several expensive items will be stored here overnight.

Studio apartment

It will be necessary to look at local laws on having lodgers, as well as the requirements for a space to be rented. Still, there are some situations where garden rooms can become a direct source of income by renting them to a tenant. This could be a short-term stay, such as using an Airbnb model or through more traditional longer-term stays. If you live in a university town, for example, it may work well for students wanting cheap accommodation.

If you do not want an outsider living on your property 24/7, you could rent it out during the day for the purposes mentioned above. Or you could use this as a way to provide your teenager the chance to grow their independence and learn the responsibilities of looking after a small property. At the same time, they can begin to save money for their future home.

Recreational space

Finally, garden rooms don’t have to directly impact your business to have a positive impact on your productivity. A strong work-life balance is crucial while keeping your body in good health is shown to have a positive influence too. Garden rooms can transform into garden gyms, a bar, memorabilia rooms, games rooms, and a host of other fun features. In short, it is the ultimate space to build a garden gym, man cave or she shed. Once again, the fact that it’s separate from the rest of the home gives it an extra source of happiness.

Whatever hobbit makes you happy, a garden room that supports it is far more effective than one that simply stores your deck chairs. And if you have garden luxuries like a pool or a hot tub, it can integrate with those to create a home spa environment.

Failure to utilize garden rooms to their full potential is one of the most common regrets shared by homeowners. Now that you have the inspiration, there has never been a better time to complete the transformation.

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