10 ways to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your Blog (Detailed Guide)

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Hey Guys Today this article is especially for the website owner or website developer “How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your Blog”

If you are an enthusiast blogger and love to write, you should be aware of specific terms of marketing. When you are writing a blog, you will definitely like people to read it.

But, if you see that the number of bounce rate in your blog is high, then it is evident that certain things are wrong with your blog.

Being a blogger, you should least expect a bounce rate on your website. But, when you see that there is less traffic and you are unable to acquire potential customers, then there is a possibility that you have a high bounce rate.

In a nutshell, visitors and customers bounce back from your page before you even get a chance to convert them as your potential customers.

Indeed a higher bounce rate can be very harmful to the business. Therefore, as a blogger, you should know certain tricks that will help you to reduce the number of bounce rate in your blog.

If you can implement these suggestions in your blogs, then there will be no scope for the bounce rate. Read on to know more.

10 tips to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your Blog:-

1. Improve the readability of your blog

This can be one of the causes of getting a higher bounce rate. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is increase your readability of the contents. It is essential to make your blog look good so that your readers do not get scared. Avoid writing large chunks of the paragraph and try to make it to the point. You can make it easier for the readers by incorporating bullets and sub-headings in the write-up.

2. Avoid Pop-ups

It has been found in a recent study that 70% of the readers bounce back from any write-up because of unnecessary pop-ups. It is one of the biggest distractions that the readers face and therefore the bounce rates increase. It is essential for you to go for a pop-up blocker so that it does not distract the readers while going through your blog.

3. Create a persuasive call-to-action

According to Go Globe, 50% of the websites have such a convenient call to action part that readers get to see it instantly. Is your website one of those? If no, then implement the same immediately.

You can attract your readers by creating catchy headlines and content. However, to convert them to your potential customers, it is vital for you to give them the call to action part quickly and easily.

Make it visible to the readers clearly so that they do not have to search for the call to the action part. You should also make sure that the call to action part is compelling enough.

4. Establishment of the brand name

When you are writing an on-page blog, you have to establish your brand name tactfully. When you write on a topic, make sure that your brand name is highlighted by proper storytelling. According to Adam Toren of MyAssignmenthelp– “storytelling is the best way to keep the readers engaged and bring your brand to life.” This way, when more readers are compelled about your brand name, you will get more customers.

5. Highlight your feature: –

You have to highlight the unique features that your business has. Through your writing, you have to persuade the customers by stating what features you have and how that can be beneficial for them.

6. Be truthful with your write up

You need to provide information about the topic. But, you should also be honest about your service. Do not promise anything to your customers that you are not sure about or skeptical about providing that particular service. This can help you to acquire the credibility of the customers.

7. Share your write up appropriately

When you write a blog, the foremost responsibility is to share and promote the content to generate traffic. Now, you need to make sure the platform on which you can promote the content to generate organic traffic on your blog. Thus, when you share your content, you need to do it appropriately.

8. Keep your blog updated with fresh content

You need to update your blogs with new contents every day. When you do not update the contents of your website for long, the readers will not stay for long, and the bounce rate will increase as well.

9. Target useful keywords

Keywords rich articles and other forms of content are very much helpful in getting good traffic on the website. It can be said that when you insert useful keywords in your contents, then more traffic will be generated on your website.

10. Analyze the results

You need to analyze the result of your contents by using proper KPI tools. It will help you to know the number of traffic and also bounce rates on your website. If you keep track of your progress, it will be easier for you to rectify your flaws.


Thus, these are some of the useful tips to reduce the bounce rate. Follow the same and find out how your website is getting more traffic and conversion of leads.

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4 years ago

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4 years ago

Really nice information you had posted. It’s very informative and definitely, it will be useful for many people.

Sam Davies
4 years ago

Great Blog for reduce bounce rate on your blog. i agree with you.

Digital Aroma
4 years ago

Nice Tips to reduce blog’s bounce rate.

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4 years ago

Really nice & keep up the good work

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4 years ago

Thanks for the nice information.

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4 years ago

Welcome pranita deshpande

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Your All tips are good and most of,
#Keep your blog updated with fresh content
Very nice Blog and also search similar one

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4 years ago

Your post is really good all tips is really good, so thanks for this.

Ahmed Bin
4 years ago

Your All tips are good and most of,
#Keep your blog updated with fresh content
Very nice Blog and also search similar one

Tarique Amir
4 years ago

Hi Marceline,

Great content. I completely agree with you that unwanted pop ups are a sure irritation. It diverts your attention from the post and can be annoying in the mind of your visitors. A good readable content is a must to tackle high bounce rate. once your visitors finds value in your post, they will come back for more.

Thanks for sharing this post. have a good day. 🙂