Top 7 Freelance Jobs Which Become Popular During Pandemic

Published on September 29th, 2021 by Guest Author

The Impact of a Pandemic on the Labor Market

The COVID-19 global pandemic has been changing our world beyond recognition for over a year.

Most aspects of social and economic activity have felt the effects of the coronavirus. The labor market has also experienced significant changes. In 2020, many changes have come to working conditions, demand for labor, and an increased focus on digitalization and automation of various processes.

Some of the changes are temporary. Therefore, mass vaccination and improvement of the epidemic situation will bring everything back to normal. But there are several changes in the structure of the labor market that will stay with us for a long time.

Such global changes in the world have created a need for many professionals, such as automation specialists, content makers, security experts, CRM professionals like hybris experts, etc.

Top 7 Freelance Jobs in 2021:

According to Forbes, Upwork and Linkedin here are the most in-demand freelance professions in 2021.

1. Automation Specialist

A specialist in process automation and mechanization (automated process control engineer – automation of process and production control systems) is in demand in various industries. He is responsible for the implementation of innovations: design and control of automated systems that allow controlling the production process without direct human involvement. Perfect skills include knowledge of software, the Python language, automated test creation, and configuration management software.

2. Content Maker

It is not easy to make media now: there are a lot of platforms and competing content around, and it is important not to get confused in all this diversity. The basic skills of a content producer include creating the content itself to interact with the digital environment.

The ability to create content is useful not only in media but also in marketing for almost any company. You have to describe your values beautifully, attract the audience not only head-on but also through interesting content stories and know-how different channels work to get the greatest reach.

3. Interpreter

Mastery of one or more foreign languages is an incredibly useful skill today. In connection with globalization, specialists who translate texts are in great demand. Translators who work as freelancers have the opportunity to work with clients on a full-time basis. In the case of direct collaboration, there is also the additional work of introducing yourself, networking, and looking for new clients, but then the rates are often higher. Cooperation with a translation agency allows you to pay less attention to the search for clients, and therefore the rates are lower.

4. Office and Customer Support Specialists

During the pandemic, a lot of businesses started working remotely, so there is a need for dynamics 365 developer for hire. These are mainly social media managers, administrative assistants, bookkeepers, and customer service specialists. A customer service specialist is a person who communicates using remote technology. The profession is associated with the constant communication, control, and development.

5. Data Scientists

Data analysts focus on the short-term data needed to make business decisions. They are closer to top managers, who make those decisions and are subject to strict deadlines. Their job is to strategically plan business decisions under the same conditions as the top managers: short task life cycle, highly competitive environment, need to reach certain profit margins, etc.

The key skills are knowledge of Data Mining tools and methods – intelligence analysis of information, knowledge of programming languages (Python, SQL, R) to write queries to relational and non-relational databases, the ability to manage storage ETL and analytic systems BL, the ability to use the infrastructure Apache Hadoop, understanding of mathematics in statistics, discrete mathematics and probability theory, knowledge of systems analysis, including an understanding of business process analysis methods, project management, quality management.

Source – Mobilunity

5. Mental Health Therapist

The quarantine hit many people hard – for the first time in the twenty-first century, people were deprived of the right not only to travel freely and go to work but even to leave their homes without an absolute necessity. It is not surprising that many people needed psychological help especially badly.

6. CRM Professionals

CRM professionals are customer relations specialists. Their main task is to constantly maintain effective marketing, successful sales, and a decent level of service to existing customers, as well as attracting new ones. There are a lot of e-commerce platforms such as Magenta, Hybris, Shopify. A system that is considered one of the top e-commerce systems is SAP® Hybris. Thanks to the tools of this system, operations such as data gathering, order handling assignments, marketing, and customer relations can be facilitated. With the demand for CRM software increasing insanely fast lately with the growth of various new apps and services, both small and big businesses are eager to hire CRM, including hybris experts to bring their workflow operations to the next stage.

Source – Mobilunity

7. Security Experts

An information security specialist is not the easiest, but in-demand IT profession. Usually, an information security specialist is defined as someone who can implement and maintain protection against unauthorized access. Set up the network, anticipate bugs and potential bugs, and deploy and run connectivity monitoring technologies.  

Source – Mobilunity

The main tasks of an Information Security specialist are to configure protection and monitoring tools, write scripts to automate processes, monitor overall system performance, and administer information protection tools.

The remote work format is nothing more than an alternative way of organizing a standard eight-hour job, associated with more freedom, but at the same time with more responsibility. If you don’t build “air castles”, but make a comprehensive assessment of the situation and determine a plan of action, you can adapt to the new work format fairly quickly.

Be Ready for Online Realities

Remote work requires certain skills from employees. The most important of these are self-organization and self-discipline, the ability to prioritize, deal with distractions, and maintain motivation. Ideally, remote employees need a quiet room where no one will distract them from their work. Today, however, the pandemic is forcing almost everyone to adapt to working from home, whether or not they have that experience and can afford a separate office.

Ten Tips for Working Remotely

Below are some tips on how to stay productive and focused while working remotely. While some of them may seem fairly simple, they are all based on my personal experience and will be helpful to those who work from home on quarantine.

  1. Start the workday with your team by briefly discussing progress on tasks.
  2. Share with your team your plans and the results you expect to have by the end of the day.
  3. Arrange to have lunch at the same time as your colleagues. Have lunch together over Skype or Zoom.
  4. Dress as if you were going to the office. Pajamas are not conducive to a working mood.
  5. Feel free to turn on your webcam at online conferences. It’s a commitment to keep yourself in shape, which is also good for the mood.
  6. Communicate on the phone more often than by email. You’ll be surprised at how quickly minor issues get resolved.
  7. Create group chats to share news and discuss work-related issues.
  8. Choose a convenient time monitoring system to help keep you motivated and self-disciplined.
  9. Agree with your family (and pets) on times when you are “at work.” For example, if you’re wearing headphones, you shouldn’t be disturbed.
  10. Don’t work in the kitchen: the refrigerator and coffee machine will be a constant distraction.

Despite all the difficulties, or rather because of them, the freelance market will continue to grow. This does not mean that all new specialists will easily find a part-time job or permanent income here.

Achieve success will be the strongest – those who are ready to constantly evolve, analyze the needs of customers, and give them what they want. And they all want one thing – to emerge from the crisis with an even more profitable and efficient business. And the freelance market has all the data to help customers in this.

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