Top 7 Useful Tips for Freelancers and Anyone Who Wants to Become One

Sooner or later, every office worker thinks that it would be great to give up everything and go about his business, whether it is just relaxation, playing online slots for real money, or self-education. For an outside observer, the world of freelancing is pink cotton candy clouds, but in fact, there are rules here, and quite strict ones.

Today we will share with you our thoughts on how to organize your work and build relationships with customers so as not to burn out in the very first months.

1. Do Better, Do More, Do Faster

Let’s say the volume of your task is 100 units. Make it at 105. And not in five days, as agreed, but in four and a half.

Give, share, be broadcasters. It was this point that will allow, in the shortest possible time, not only to get out of the office whirlwind but also to go on a long trip without a return ticket: customers will be waiting for you while you ride a motorcycle around the islands of Indonesia or wander through the mountains of Nepal.

2. Take Responsibility for the Work Done and the Given Word

A logical continuation of the first point. Have you messed with the site? Do not excuse yourself, fix it. Did you give the floor to get in touch at 1 p.m.? Let the customer know at 12:55 p.m. that you are ready to talk. It’s amazing how many freelancers burn out on such a simple thing as punctuality. Time is the only irreplaceable resource, disrespect for which leads straight to the blacklists of customers.

3. Solve the Problems of the Client, and Do Not Climb Into His Pocket

In order to carry the “freelancer” name proudly, you need to be able to work with clients correctly. Listen to the one who came to you, identify his pains, solve his problems. The customer does not need a website or text that we make. He needs a solution: an increase in sales, audience coverage, traffic movement, and so on. Professionalism is attentiveness, money comes as we are useful to the market and society.

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4. Take a Prepayment

The simplest principle that collects internally and provides fuel for the start of a new project. Plus, you have the confidence that the customer will not shit at the moment when all that remains is to upload the site to the hosting.

5. Take the Full Payment After the Completion of All Work

Sometimes you come across customers who are ready to pay the full amount for the work before it is finished. It seems to be nice, but … There is a very subtle point here: motivation disappears. With money in your pocket, you try to close the project as quickly as possible. In this regard, quality begins to suffer, laziness appears, more often you have to force yourself to work with kicks.

6. Start Doing

All the salt lies in the way the brain functions: after being drawn into a task, then it simply does not want to switch to anything else.

7. Don’t Be Afraid Of Low-Paying Orders

The purpose of such an event is to remove the block of disturbing feelings and impressions in one’s own mind so that instead of “A-ah, there are no orders!” it broadcasted “Excellent! We have an order, we are working. ” A bonus to this technique can be the expansion of the zone of its regular customers. The more people you talk to, the more likely it is that someone will tell someone else about you.

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  1. I don’t usually comment on blogs but I must say your article is very good, I hope to take some freelancing projects. Thank you…


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