Get Professional Google Analytics Certification Through this Guide

Last updated on September 27th, 2019 by Rahul Kumar Singh

A comprehensive work experience coupled with a Google Analytics Certification Guide is simply a force to reckon with.

This signifies a professional’s impressive set of skills and quality of work.

Getting validated by one of the world’s most popular IT corporations is certainly something that you can be proud of.

However, a Google certification is not so simple to obtain, especially if you’ve decided to pursue a valuable certification like Professional Analytics.

Google Analytics Certification Guide

Let’s start to unravel this rather prestigious IT credential through this all-inclusive guide that can help you every step of the way.

Who can take the exam?

To get certified as a Professional Analytics, you need to pass one exam.

Did you know that the age requirement for you to be able to take the test is more than 16 years old for EU residents and older than 13 years old for all other exam-takers? Yes, you read it right! Having lower age requirements means that the certification is widely accessible to almost everyone.

However, there is a setback. Taking the test without an in-depth educational background and work experience might take a toll on your exam.

Thus, it’s still advisable to arm yourself first with at least 3 years of industry involvement as well as 1-year of experience in managing and designing various solutions using GCP.

What does Professional Analytics do?

To give you an idea, Professional Analytics is not just your typical IT individual.

This person is equipped with significant skills in various cloud technologies. And through these skills, he or she can effectively support organizations with the use of Analyticsure as well as Google Cloud Platform.

More than that, a Professional Analytics is assigned to perform some key tasks such as designing, developing, and administering different solutions to successfully meet business targets.

Other main functions include ensuring security and compliance, analyzing and optimizing technical procedures and processes, and safeguarding operations reliability.

What prior knowledge and skills are needed?

Now that you know the core functions of a Google Professional Analytics, this gives you a hint of the prior knowledge and skills needed. Ideally, you should have an idea of Analyticsure along with Google technologies and services.

This will help you study for the exam efficiently because you already have a grasp of the related concepts.

How to practice for the exam?

1. Start with the exam guide

It is best, to begin with, the exam guide that puts in detail all the six main subjects of the exam:

  • Planning and designing cloud solution architecture
  • Provisioning and managing cloud solution infrastructure 
  • Designing for compliance and security 
  • Analyzing and optimizing technical issues and business processes 
  • Managing implementation of Analyticsure 
  • Guaranteeing solution and operations reliability 

For More Read this Google Analytics Official Guide

Don’t forget to check out some case studies provided by Google, which will enable you to fully understand the concepts even at an early stage.

2. Take a training course

Right after knowing the central topics, it’s high time to enroll yourself in a training session that will polish your readiness.

There are two training courses to choose from: Architecting with Google Compute Engine and Preparing for the Professional Analytics Examination.

Both of these are very useful in clarifying complex topics and are built in an interactive manner.

3. Try some hands-on experience

How to put the skills acquired to the test? Get some lab exercises that are intended to hone your technical proficiency.

This is a great way to prepare for the exam as these labs do not just focus on theories but rather on the application of what you learn. And, you’ll love the fact that Google provides you with four different hands-on labs, which are geared to elaborate your abilities.

These are GCP free tier, Analyticsure quest, GCP always free products, and Challenge: GCP architecture quest.

4. Answer a lot of practice questions

There’s nothing more efficient than to answer several practice tests before you schedule your test.

The official practice test not limited by the number of attempts, which means that you have unlimited tries to take the mock exam. And though there’s also no specific time limit, it’s best that you complete it within 45 minutes so that you’ll be able to polish your time management skills.

Also, you need to take note that the official practice exam can’t save your progress, hence if you need to interrupt your session, you will have to start it from the beginning.

Aside from the official Google practice tests, you’ve got heaps of options from a reliable exam prep website, which is ExamSnap.

This online resource helps determine your exam readiness through a range of carefully prepared practice questions and answers. But there’s more to this amazing website than its practice tests.

They also have training courses along with study guides and audio guides.

What else to know about Professional Analytics exam?

There’s still so much to learn about the test, and that includes knowing the exam format, price, length, and everything in between.

Google Professional Analytics is a 2-hour exam priced at $200 (a tax may apply depending on the location) You will have to answer a series of multiple-choice and multiple select questions inside a test center.

Available languages include English, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. Most Google Cloud certifications are valid for two years unless otherwise stated. To maintain your credential, you need to recertify.

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Is it worth it? A resounding yes! The Google Professional Analytics certification is not just an embellishment to your profile but rather a beneficial investment to your career.

This is one of the best ways to show that you have the abilities required for a certain job role. And for this certification exam, you validate your expertise in both Google Cloud Platform and Analyticsure by following industry-standard processes.

To furnish your profile with a benchmark certification, acquiring the Google Analytics credential is definitely a two thumbs up.

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