Tips for copywriters – Know the basic rules

Published on January 12th, 2023 by Rahul Kumar Singh

Writing posts for social networks, articles, and other texts is easy at first glance. Quality is difficult. It’s even harder to make a text that is easy to read, interesting, and useful. 

Copywriters can write on topics ranging from the best betting apps in India, slots, or Andar Bahar tips to cooking tips. But our tips will help with any case. 

Communication with the reader

To understand how you will communicate with those who read your article, think about what the owner of this voice looks like: what he does, what he is interested in, and what his character is like.

You can use ready-made archetypes:

  • rebel;
  • simple-minded;
  • glorious kid and has other personality types.

This character’s values should coincide with your target audience’s values – so the reader will perceive the text as addressed to him personally.

Don’t be surprised

Sometimes a copywriter is asked to do a job that will take him at most five to ten minutes – for example, to compose an invitation or write a simple three-part event plan.

If you suddenly feel uncomfortable taking money for such a seemingly trifle, you are still getting used to the idea that people who can create a coherent text are very few. So take advantage of this, and do not be surprised.

Require the most precise terms of reference

In advance, you should specify if you are not talking about any exclusive and creative text. You need a text plan and an approved volume.Negotiate the style, presentation, accents, and features of vocabulary. Listen to the client – he may want to see specific phrases in the text, unconsciously repeating them during the formulation.

And for a poem greeting, pre-determined accents are also necessary.

Require as much source material as possible 

When working on a large text – a presentation booklet or an article for Wikipedia – the total amount of information becomes clear only in the process. Let you have a choice – it will help to make a compelling and exciting text.

Don’t write flashy

Your customer doesn’t want beautiful text, he wants to solve a specific problem with the text, and you should offer the best solution, not express yourself. Yes, sometimes it can be frustrating to have a good turn of phrase mercilessly cut out of the dough, but if the meaning is not damaged, then the result is achieved.

Be prepared for anything

Congratulations on the style of Harry Potter. A sonnet on the theme of the new production. You never know what the customer will ask, but you should always answer nonchalantly: “of course, I will.” 

Find your niche

You can’t be a copywriter “about everything.” Find your topic: agriculture, IT, engineering, or chemical industry. Get to know the activities of enterprises in these areas in your region, and you will not be left without orders. 

Help your colleagues

There may be no editor in a team working on large presentation materials: booklets, brochures, etc. And since no one knows your text better than you, you can help the layout designer. Suggest not only the verbal but also the visual solution to your reader: identify endings, recommend how to situate your text on a page to make the most important things look most effective, and so on.  


Good texts for the copywriter are a source of inspiration, stylistic solutions, and verbal ease. He who does not read cannot write.

Follow your desires

Copywriting is more of a hobby than a profession. When one does what one loves, one never forces oneself or gives an “I need” attitude. Need an obligation subconsciously reduces the desire to work and associates only with the performance of duty. Where to start? Start your work with the most enjoyable moments, gradually going into the more difficult ones. Setting up for work activities, think: “I want,” “I like,” or “it’s interesting.

Don’t grab everything in a row

The beginner copywriter is enthusiastic and wants to write his first article quickly. But it is better to take your time and carefully study the offers on the exchanges. Read the reviews about the customers, choose a subject close to you and then contact the client. After a detailed discussion of cooperation, you can begin work.

Check your social networks

Orders can be found, including in thematic groups on social networks. First, check your pages – they should have a working appearance. Next, put a neutral photo, fill in the basic information about yourself, and have close access to photos where you look unsightly. Now you can look for orders and communicate with clients.

Take a vacation

Be sure to give yourself breaks and days off. During this time, take a complete break from the computer and ask customers not to bother you on these days.

Remember your meals. Eat regularly and eat healthy food if possible. Health problems certainly won’t improve performance. You can order ready-made meals or groceries with home delivery if you need more time to cook.

Do not try to grasp the immensity

Suppose you are pressed with a mountain of cases – to make changes, to write an urgent new article, to answer customers, etc. First, take your time-solving everything at a time. Then, make a plan and solve everything step by step.

Take care of your health

Sitting in front of a computer for too long can lead to certain illnesses if you don’t take measures. Do a little warm-up for all muscle groups during breaks, use computer-proof glasses and ventilate the room regularly. You can also do a little exercise for your eyes. Finally, watch your biorhythms and get to bed on time.

Check out 

Always study the work of other copywriters. Look for articles either on your topics or any other topics. Look at the design and the use of words. Please read the article and think about whether everything made sense to you when you read it. If not, look through the text again and try to understand why. If yes, do the same.

Break up the text

Never write a long canvas of characters. The first time you look at it, you want to close the tab and stay on the page. Divide the text into parts, and think of exciting headings.

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1 year ago

Hey Rahul,

Thank you for sharing these valuable tips for copywriters. It’s always important to remember the basic rules of writing to ensure that our content is effective and engaging. Your article provides clear and concise guidelines for copywriters to follow, including understanding the target audience, using active voice, and avoiding jargon. I appreciate your emphasis on the importance of simplicity and clarity in writing. Your post will be a helpful resource for both beginner and experienced copywriters. Keep up the great work!

1 year ago

I am a blogger and searching for the better scope to enhance my writing skills. For me too it’s one of the best rule book that assist me to follow the right path to be the good copy writer.

1 year ago

It was nice article for a blogger, It really help me to write a good content. I try to implement all the point which you have mentioned.