Website Improvement Strategies To Boost A Cricket Blog’s Readership & Profitability

Published on October 6th, 2022 by Rahul Kumar Singh

A sports blog can only survive with an increased readership. As a passionate blogger whose speciality is cricket, you might be finding this reality to be true. A lag of interest is not solely determined by interaction statistics but through visibility. This is when a fantastic, cost-effective marketing strategy will get the ball rolling for your financial bat. 

This then begs the question, of how to identify the type of marketing to use for your blog. Do you rely on social, venture into Google PPC, or is link building with credible sites the way to go? 

The answer will be determined by your budget, current social engagement, and the regularity of posts. Here are website elements to check to see if your blog is in the right direction. These will also help you form a marketing strategy that can boost interest and readership. 

Content will always rule

Sports readers are always looking for information for a specific reason.  Pinpointing audience demographic includes acquiring the correct data which will direct your content creation. 

A brand knows its customer down to every detail that makes them who they are. This enables you to create the look, feel content, and service they are looking for. You know where and how to engage them and, better yet, you find how to keep them coming back for more. 

Cartier your service to appeal to them as you represent your interest. For instance, while researching cricket leagues, ensure to include information on types of leagues, any live action, and betting opportunities this knowledge presents. 

Website audit

SEO in any blog is essential. Not being versed in the functions of SEO in your content is likely to cause your efforts to go to waste. Content is nothing if it is not relevant, keyword rich and most importantly, search intent relevant. 

So, the best step to take is to audit your site to see which keywords, phrases, and questions are bringing in traffic. Site audit tools include Semrush, Deepcrawl, Ahref, and many more. These will check how well your site is performing when compared to your competitors within the same cricket blog market. 

Engaging across social channels

The evolution of social media and media tools has grown rapidly. Social media apps are constantly changing and, with that change, new trends are formed. As of late, the interactions between viewers and content creators are mostly audiovisual. As such, recent platforms such as Tik Tok have attracted many younger viewers but have integrated understanding amongst generations. 

This shift had many thinking it meant the end of blog culture ignoring its potential. Sure, there has been more attention to visual media but the need for information remains. When bringing all elements of different kinds of media, you extend your blog.

Knowing your viewers and what your blog is missing is key to successful implementation. Joining social media platforms does not mean following trends at the expense of your identity. Never be afraid to explore however the tone of your work should always ring true no matter the platform. 


If there is one thing that will always bite you in the bottom it is being a phoney. The term fakes it till you make it shouldn’t be taken so literally. It implies pushing through a difficulty like it is easy and embodying success before you attain it. 

While there are several interpretations, it never should be used as an excuse to be unreal. Your content is the reflection of your objectives and identity. Stay true to it no matter what!

The competitive world of written sports information and entertainment is one plagued with many losses and few wins. Implementing these key factors is going to give your blog the right push in an otherwise unforgiving market. 

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