Top 9 WordPress SSL Plugin (Number 2 is Best)

Are you looking for the Best WordPress SSL Plugin to Secure your WordPress Website?

Everybody Know that the SSL is the Most Important thing for website security. But the Problem is Some SSL Plugins Works Well But After Reissue Certificate it does not work or It also depends on Hosting.

If you are ready to know all these Top 9 WordPress Plugin names then let’s begin without any more words.

Top 9 WordPress SSL Plugin

ssl insecure content fixer

SSL Insecure Content Fixer is Open Source Project and Fully Free Plugin For Users, This is Focused on Insecure Content Filter and it is a bunch of features available that need for SSL Security. Its is Used By 300,000+ Site Owners.


  • Insecure Content Warning.
  • Insecure Content Filter.
  • Simple fix level.

How to Setup WordPress HTTPS?

  1. Install SSL Insecure Content Fixer.
  2. Activate this Plugin.
  3. Enable SSL Redirection.
really simple ssl

Really Simple SSL helps you to migrate your website from HTTP protocol to HTTPS protocol. This is Paid Plugin but its Free Version is Also Available and it is working well in Every WordPress Version. Really SSL Plugin is Most Used WordPress SSL PLugin, Over 3+ million Website Uses this Plugin.


  • Mixed content scan, which shows you what you have to do if you don’t have the green lock yet.
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security Available.
  • HSTS preload list Configuration.
  • Advanced security headers for additional security.
  • Mixed Content Fixer for the back-end.
  • Certificate expiration checking.

How to Setup Really Simple SSL?

  1. Install Really Simple SSL Plugin.
  2. Activate this Plugin.
  3. Check SSL Certificate (You must have Certificate Installed).
  4. Enable SSL in Single Click.
WordPress SSL Plugin

Easy HTTPS Redirection is a WordPress SSL Plugin that Easily Redirects HTTP to HTTPS. This is Free and Open Source Plugin, So Anyone Contribute to this Plugin. Easy HTTPS Redirection is Now Popular WordPress SSL Plugin and Now

Active Installation.


  • It auto-redirect for the whole domain.
  • It also auto-redirects for a few pages.
  • Force load static files using an HTTPS URL.

How to Setup Easy HTTPS Redirection?

  1. Install Easy HTTPS Redirection.
  2. Activate this Plugin.
  3. Check SSL Certificate (You must have an SSL Certificate Installed).
  4. Enable SSL.
WordPress SSL Plugin

One Click SSL is a Free SSL Plugin Launched By Tribulant Software. It is Simple and Easy to Use Plugin that Redirects All HTTP Page to HTTPS and Also Load Resources to HTTPS (For Protecting From Mixed Content Issue). It is a New Plugin and 20,000+ WordPress Sites are using this SSL Plugin.


  • Auto Check if SSL is Installed
  • Enable SSL in a single click
  • Redirects all HTTP URLs to HTTPS
  • Converts all HTTP resources to HTTPS

How to Setup One Click SSL?

  1. Install One Click SSL.
  2. Activate this Plugin.
  3. Enable SSL By Checking SSL Availability.
WordPress SSL Plugin

WordPress HTTPS is Free SSL Plugin For WordPress. This Plugin is Most Used Plugin But From 2 Years It is Not Updated Any More But Still Working Fine on the All Latest WordPress Version, and at this time over 100,000+ sites running on this Plugin.


  • URL Mapping.
  • URL Filters.
  • It Also has Single Post HTTPS Control.

How to Setup WordPress HTTPS?

  1. Install WordPress HTTPS.
  2. Activate this Plugin.
  3. Enable SSL by Clicking on Force SSL Administration.

WC SSL Seal is a Free Woocommerce SSL Plugin that helps your online store secure. It Will Also Show the SSL Secure Certificate at the Bottom of the Page or on Checkout Page. This Plugin is Not Much Popular But it is Maximum Used Plugin in the Online Store.


  • Custom SSL Image
  • Custom SSL Embed Code

How to Setup WC SSL Seal?

  1. Install WC SSL Seal.
  2. Activate this Plugin.
  3. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > SSL Seal Tab to Enable SSL.

JSM’s Force SSL Redirect HTTPS URL Dynamically. It is Free, Secure and Simple Plugin that makes setup SSL in WordPress site easier. This only Need Instaled SSL Certificate to Run this.


  • No Plugin Settings to Adjust.
  • Enable Dynamic Redirects.

How to Setup JSM’s Force SSL?

  1. Install JSM’s Force SSL.
  2. Activate this Plugin.
  3. Enable SSL in one Click.

Verve SSL is a WordPress Plugin that Login Administrator Area in HTTPS, and After Log out it Automatically Redirect to HTTP. This is the Latest Launched Plugin But it is working properly. The Main Feature of this Plugin is It Automatically Remove Insecure Content and then Update it to Secure.


  • Automatically SSL for WP-Login.php Page and Administration Area.
  • SSL security for the entire login session.
  • Automatically remove insecure content and update it to secure.
  • Easy way to installation.
  • No changes in code to WP-Config.php required.
  • Compatible on All WordPress Version.
  • Converts URLs for better SEO.

How to Setup Verve SSL?

  1. Install Verve SSL.
  2. Activate this Plugin.
  3. Enable SSL Automatically.

SSL Secure Seal for WooCommerce is a Free WooCommerce Plugin. This Plugin Add SSL Certificate Badge in Footer. This Plugin is Able to upload or select an image from WordPress media as the seal badge. It is Comfortable Upto WordPress 4.8.9.


  • Able to upload the custom image from WordPress media as the badge.
  • Add SSL Certificate Badge Embed Code Directly.

How to Setup SSL Secure Seal for WooCommerce?

  1. Install SSL Secure Seal for WooCommerce.
  2. Activate this Plugin.
  3. Activate SSL in One Click.

Final Word About WordPress SSL Plugin

If you are running Website on WordPress then you already know the importance of SSL Certificate.

Why SSL is Important? Watch this Video to Know 🙂

Do you want to create a WordPress website? if yes then check this guide.

Do you have any questions? Which SSL Plugin do you use? Do you have any more suggestions?