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Are you using 9xrockers to download movies? If yes then this article is especially for you because in this article I will show you then dark secrets about 9xrockers that you don’t know.

If you want to know the dark secret about 9xRockers then read this article carefully. I will explain everything in detail.

If you bored reading this type of article I prefer you to watch movies from original sources, not from 9xrockers.

Here is the Latest south movie from YouTube:

All About 9xRockers:

9xRockers is a free movie downloading site that provides the latest movies. In this site, you can watch/download any movies. Everything is good but this type of site is doing piracy that means they are copying movies without the permission of the movie makers.

Downloading or uploading movies without owner permission is comes under piracy. In India this is illegal and for this, there is a strict law.

Not only 9xrockers site doing this there are many movies site available that also do piracy.

What is 9xRockers? How does it work?

9xRockers is a free movie downloading site, You don’t need to pay money for downloading or watching the movie, this is fully free.

On that site, there are many formats of movies available, For example – HD, MKV, MP4, and more, the most popular format of that site is HD. many people choose HD while downloading the movie.

9xRockers site is created in 2011, And that time there is every type of films and series are available. The best feature of that website is you can watch films without sign in or sign and without fully downloading on your device.

In November 2018 that site Crossed 1.5 Million Visitors, Therefore the admin decided to provide all types of movies. But after that site is blocked due to many copyright claims from movies company.

There are many domains changed after this site is blocked frequently by DOT COMPLIANCE*

Which Movie Format they provide?

They provide every Format of movies, for example, Full HD, HD, and Non-HD. But the full HD is a Rare format that is only available in some movies max movies come with HD format it means 720P and 480P.

Here is the all format of movies:

  • 4K (Rare Movies Found in this Format)
  • 1080p Full HD Movies.
  • 720p HD Movies.
  • 408p HD Movies.
  • Mp4 Movies.
  • MKV Movies.

Why are 9xRockers not working?

9xrocker domain is continuously blocking by TRAI (Because they provide pirated content) that’s why 9xrockers are not working.

They changed their site URL continuously when they change their URL the old site URL is not working because they can’t publish content on the old URL because that URL is blocked by the DOT.

How to download movies from 9xrockers?

  1. The first step I have for your visits 9xRockers website, search your the movie that you want to watch or download.
  2. The second step I have for you decides you want to watch a movie online or directly download it on your storage.
  3. Now you need to click on the right links to download movies that you want to download this takes time to download the movie on your device.

What is the New Link of 9xRockers?

9xRockers is continuously migrating their domain because the DOT blocking their website, 9xRockers is closed now but you can try other domain extensions that are mentioned below.

9x Rockers .in9x Rockers .to
9x Rockers .net 9x Rockers .icu
9x Rockers .org9x Rockers .site
9x Rockers .viz9x Rockers .south
9x Rockers .biz 9x Rockers .trade
9x Rockers .com9x Rockers .vip
9x Rockers .me 9x Rockers .world

9xRockers Alternative

There are thousands of sites similar to 9xrockers but I find some most popular alternative of 9xrockers.

Here is the best 9xrockers alternative:

Is this Site illegal?

No, 100% illegal, I mentioned in the above article that. This site is showing a movie without his copyright holder’s permission. Every movie downloading site provides a movie quickly after launch.

Do you know this site is dangerous because this site run ads from illegal sources, I mean if you visit their site you find your page is redirecting to some other pages which tell you to download the app to continue, and if you download the app from that page maybe your data is hacked. So be alert.

Please try to stay away from these type of sites to stay safe 🙂

I suggest you watch movies on legal sites they have permission to show, you can also watch films offline from their app. YouTubeNetFlixAmazon Prime, Hotstar, these sites are 100% legal.

Try to use VPN, If you want to stay safe from the dark web 🙂

Many people know that type of site is illegal but they still download, I don’t know why. I always suggest don’t download pirated movies.


Publishing of any original content without permission is completely illegal. I strongly suggest you stay away from this type of site. This article is provided here to give real truth about this site.

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This is a really amazing article full of information.. thank you for posting such an amazing article…