Best eCommerce SEO tips You Should Know for 2021

E-commerce provides a lucrative market for physical store owners and purely online businesses. When a business is first engaged in e-commerce of any kind, it is commonly referred to as an e-commerce startup. Although there are some essential tips for any e-commerce startup. It’s essential to invest money and effort into marketing, without this you will not be able to get really valuable results. The best tips for starting an ecommerce business can vary depending on the specific business type. Some e-commerce startups are created by new entrepreneurs who lack extensive experience or financial resources, creating some unique challenges. One option for a new e-commerce entrepreneur is to start a business.

Another option for an e-commerce startup that is short on funds is to take advantage of an existing online store. Many large online retailers allow small e-commerce businesses to sell through their sites, providing access to a large customer base. Online auctions are another option for a startup that lacks the funds to build an extensive e-commerce site. These options can also be used in conjunction with a custom site to reach as large an audience as possible. In this article, we’ll shed some light on the top-notch SEO tips that you’d know. Bear with us if you want to know them.

This list will give you an information about the most effective channels for attracting the largest number of orders to your online store:

  • Emails and advertising to the clients you already have. It’s a really nice idea to remind people about your production and about new offers – let your customers always think about new purchases.
  • Direct visits to the site. Share a link to your site wherever you can post it and you will see a big increase in activity! Guaranteed! 
  • Organic Google traffic. Well-known things that help a lot, so use as many keywords in your articles as possible and try to guess how the request of your client will sound like. 
  • Google Ads is one of the ways you can make promotions and provide your goods to your clients. It is really working!
  • Advertising on social networks. Nowadays people are really attracted to all kinds of social networks and social activity, so why not use it on purpose to increase your sales?
  • Affiliate marketing will help you to organize sales and you will be also able to control how good your promotion online is working – it will give you detailed statistics about clicks and interest. 
  • Bloggers are a really effective and fast way to introduce something to a big amount of people, as they have a really huge influence on their auditory. The most important in this case is to choose a correct blog with the right necessary auditory, that will be interested in buying exactly your product. 
  • Partnership and cooperation with other businesses. If you have a double auditory – you will have a double demand. Sometimes it is really useful to unite with some other companies in order to increase the amount of your future clients. 

So after such a quick review, I suppose you’re interested to know more about some of the most effective ways of ecommerce SEO and to get closer to your perfect promotion strategy.

3-click rule

There is an important rule for e-commerce sites: the 3-click rule. This means that your visitors have to click 3 buttons to go to your product page. Remember: as simple you will make the way for your client to your product, as many orders you are going to have. Also, pay attention to how you keep your site organized. Make it simple, direct and clear. Not necessary to create a new category for every new product you start selling. Having about 5-10 products in each category won’t confuse Google and help the system crawl your pages more easily.

Use short URLs

Same as the previous advice, it will help your clients to reach a necessary page more easily and fastly. For example:  let’s say your blog title is “How To Choose The Right Daily Face Cream For Your Skin.” It contains 11 words, a pretty good word count for an article title. But it takes a little long to be perfect for your URL. Instead, you can edit your url and make it Agree, that such look is more attractive and easy to read, understand and, finally, make a choice. 

Install SSL certificate

Google officially declares that site safety is a ranking factor. And to make your site secure, you must make it SSL compliant and include a padlock in your address bar. Your domain and URL must start with https, not http.

If you are an online store and visitors share their payment information with you. The lack of a security label will prevent your visitors from providing sensitive information. Thus, you will not only lose rating opportunities, but also sales and money.

Use canonical tags when needed

You may have multiple URLs for the same product due to differences in size and color. Or you may have similar content appearing on multiple pages on your site. Canonical tags help you avoid duplicate content and therefore penalties from Google. Also, these tags are really important during the search request, so all words you will use should be exactly about your product, its qualities or any other additional helping words. 

Adapt your online store for mobile devices


It is one of the essential elements of an online store SEO optimization. We are living in the world where nobody let go of a mobile phone from their hands, so all brands and companies should take it to attention. Mobile-friendly sites are much more likely to get high positions in the top search engines. A fast loading site allows you to attract and retain more visitors. You can test site performance with Google PageSpeed and WebPagetest tools. Today’s adaptation of the mobile version is as crucial as a ranking factor or the site’s text content quality. Google views mobility as a ranking factor as over 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. Make sure your images and site copy are clearly visible on mobile devices and site navigation is as easy as ABC. 

Thorough internal optimization

Before attracting people to your page, you need to make sure that you have a really high quality and working site that is comfortable in use and does not cause any problems or lags.  In most cases, many site owners do not want to focus on sites and it’s a big mistake. If you care only about the ranking, which affects attendance increase, but do not care about content – you will never make a good sales result. So put your time in making a high-quality internal optimization, error correction, and a well-thought-out structure. The better the site is optimized internally, the more chances that search engines will love it.

SEO ranking

One of the basic things that you need to know for making your business working – it’s how to work with different SEO tools that helps you to optimize your ecommerce SEO and will give you a lot of necessary information about ranking, search requests, amount of interested people and percentage of purchases in comparing to other similar sites.  You already know that site ranking is a main thing that makes a direct influence on how much people will be about to find you and to know you. Don’t be scared to use proper SEO rank trackers, such as serp ranking tracker, you can check the up-to-date rankings and monitor your competitors. These platforms for SEO and online marketing professionals offer a full set of indispensable SEO tools, including rank checking, site auditing, backlink monitoring, clustering, and many other features not expected for a regular SEO platform.

How is it working?  Platform checks site positions in the most popular search engines, while allowing you to select one or several regions. Depending on the selected tariff plan, you can simultaneously track information in several substations and regions at once. By adding keywords to track data, you can group them into folders, sort them by various parameters, and delete duplicates. It is possible for each of the requests to specify a landing page that is optimized. If another page is ranked for the selected keyword, the service will mark its positions in red. Meanwhile, you need to monitor the quality of content, study the bounce rate, time spent on the site, scroll depth, determine the most effective interactions, and analyze the so-called behavioral factors. Google Analytics will keep all this data for you and you will always have access and control over your ranking and position in the whole Internet World.

Analyze site logs to improve SEO promotion

This primary information makes it possible to find out how search relates to the site, analyze its performance, and find problems that are difficult to identify with other SEO tools. Logs contain useful information: domain and IP, date and time, visited page, its size in bytes, etc. You can use the Splunk log storage and analysis system. Other services like and provide phenomenal integration options.

Conduct local SEO optimization

The growing influence of voice search on Google makes local SEO optimization extremely important. Make sure you have the addresses and contact details of your online store’s branches, outlets, and offices if you want to achieve perfect SEO optimization. Be sure to include an interactive map as well as text that indicates any transportation stations or major cross streets. You should also take care of your organization’s presence in Google My Business, which will help customers find you more often during voice searches.

Page loading speed

Normally, Google takes into account the speed of website loading: Here are some tips:

  • Reduce file size. Compress pictures, videos, and other content.
  • Use fast hosting. Whenever possible, use rates that load faster.
  • Use Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). It improves loading speed as well as website security.

Page speed is also a major factor. Your site should load in 3 seconds maximum because visitors are impatient and can’t wait any longer.

Check bugs regularly with Google Webmaster Tools

These tools allow the webmaster to test the indexing capabilities and increase the sites’ visibility. Here you can get a list of broken links or links causing crawler problems. To get this list, open Crawl> Crawl Errors. Sometimes, big updates from Google can negatively impact your SEO and you need to keep up with the latest news from the company. 

Conduct technical SEO audits on a regular basis

The frequency of audits may differ depending on the site, but, one way or another, they need to be done at least once every six months. Sometimes it’s better to do a quick audit and spot all the errors on your site. You can use Google Search Console to check if everything is ok with crawling, indexing, etc. You can also use a free tool, SEOptimer will show errors and give appropriate recommendations.

Let’s not forget about Email marketing

Adobe notes that American millennials check their emails when doing other things. This addiction to email use is so obsessive that 33% of users check their email in the bathroom!


     Modern technology has changed consumer behavior, and more and more companies are entering the online marketplace. Maybe you want to open your own business on the Internet, or you already have a store and want to earn more. How to do it? Follow these tips and you’ll be successful. SEO is a long process. You need to understand that you should not expect quick results for long-term site development. But with the proper SEO tips you can speed up this process tenfold.

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