Is Email Marketing Still Relevant & An Effective Strategy?

Last updated on February 13th, 2022 by Rahul Kumar Singh

Email marketing is often overshadowed by some of the popular strategies like social media marketing and SEO. That’s why most people might question, is email marketing still relevant?

In a nutshell, yes, it remains an effective strategy that offers many benefits and opportunities for businesses. When used effectively, this technique enables you to create anticipation among the customers and brings more sales. But what really makes it distinctive is its return on investment of $36 for each $1 expenditure.

Still in doubt? Let’s learn why email marketing is still relevant and what makes it an effective strategy! 

Why Email Marketing is Effective?

Access to Your Target Audience

You would often find social platforms to be overcrowded, where your voice gets muffled into the noise. Email marketing is an alternative to that which gives you easy access to your target audience. 

In comparison to the ads they see with plenty of other posts when you send your message into customers’ inboxes, it has more chances of being actually read. That’s why it is easier for you to create an impactful image of your brand in customers’ minds through emails.

Minimal Investment with Optimal Results

Unlike most of the other digital marketing mediums, you do not have to spend on every ad you post. You are only required to invest in good email automation software that makes the process of sending emails effortless. Also, you can easily manage your subscription list. Moreover, the range of design templates makes your emails visually appealing. 

Moreover, there are numerous email marketing software free plans too. Though you would have limited features, it is still a viable option for managing your emails.

Builds Loyal Customer Base

Rather than bombarding your customers’ socials with annoying ads, you send emails with valuable content directly to the customers. This way you can build trust among your audience, as emails are more personalized and have emotional appeal to them.

There are various ways through which you can make your emails more personalized. Most email marketing automation software lets you add customers’ names, send emails on special occasions, offer exclusive discounts, etc. Moreover,  email marketing automation software also allows you to do drip marketing, which helps in generating more leads.

Adds to Your Credibility

An effective email marketing strategy also adds to your brand’s credibility. Since you provide your customers with valuable information through newsletters, they start trusting you. The reason is you are not spamming them but are providing them with value.

Through emails, you can also inform your target audience about your brand story, what you believe in, and what’s your motto. Due to this, you sound more authentic and can stand out from the crowd.

Helps in Customer Retention

Strategic email marketing is also an effective way for customer retention. If you are a subscription-based service or a SaaS business, email marketing for you is inevitable. Because in this business once the subscription expires you have to again convince them that your services are worth the money.

For this reason, email marketing can help you by setting up re-engagement campaigns with your customers. For informing about subscription expiry or sending dunning emails you will be constantly in the loop with your customers. There are many SaaS email examples that allow businesses to retain their customers.

Email Marketing Success Rate

Another reason why email marketing is still relevant is its success rate. There are over 4.1 billion email users, therefore reaching your potential customers with emails is easiest. Most brands send welcome emails to their customers when they subscribe to their newsletters. These emails have a high open rate of 91.43% which means the prospect is more likely to become your loyal customer.  

Moreover, you do not have to depend on the algorithms of different social platforms to make your marketing campaigns successful. You would only require an impeccable email marketing strategy. In addition, you can assess your marketing campaigns’ success rate instantly with ease through email automation tools. 

Final Thoughts

Since now there are numerous options for digital marketing, people assume that email marketing is dead. Contrastively, the reality is quite the opposite. It is still relevant and an effective way of bringing more sales.

There are numerous reasons for email marketing’s effectiveness. Firstly, it is the ideal way of connecting with your target audience directly. Secondly, it not only brings in sales but gives you the best return on investment. Hence, it is cost-effective in comparison to most of the strategies.

Moreover, because of direct access to your audience, you are able to build a loyal customer base. In addition to that, your credibility as a brand increases because of email marketing. Lastly, you can also boost your customer retention rate, if you strategically create re-engagement campaigns. So, if you still are not using email marketing as your primary marketing strategy, you need to revitalize it.

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Stan Wilson
1 year ago

Hey Rahul, great content. I really like how you frame the daily email and using it to test out everything which then should translate into more effective campaigns and automations.

2 years ago

Hi! Thank you for sharing with us great information I have read your complete blog your content is very useful and informative.

Raman Singh
2 years ago

Email marketing is the best way of lead generation and helps with business rank.

Rimsha Samuel
2 years ago

Hi ! Thank you for sharing with us great information i have read your complete blog your content is very healthy and informative

2 years ago

Thanks for sharing informative content, I would like to read more blog post like this one.

Raaj Kumar
2 years ago

Keep on sharing and writing such a unique post and article for good links

John Lemaster
2 years ago

I have a MailChimp account that I use a little but off and on. I will need to try this new year to be more effective. I do like the fact that my clients have given me permission to email them. I do try to make sure I have included something of value for them in every email. Thank you for this article. I am inspired to try harder.