Mobile App Development Trends 2020

Nowadays Mobile Applications are already set parameters of user’s growth and that’s true. The accuracy of applications is additionally fortified with this year’s marking a decade of existence of iOS and Google Play stores. Developing mobile applications to an unavoidable part of our lives.

This year’s research reports say that the growth of mobile applications and revenue mobile applications is expected to reach sky heights. Below the mobile app, trends going to increase the mobile app economy.

The following are the dominating mobile app development trends for 2020.

Mobile App Trends Predictions

Chatbots are trending and high in demand in recent times. Also in the coming years, chatbots will be playing the most important part of customer service. Like e-commerce, onboarding management, customer relationship management. As Chatbots are getting more intelligent and personalized with the feeding of machine learning insights, they will be used more extensively mobile apps in the time to come.

Chatbots are as of now seen as an innovative technology with long-extending implications including huge cost saving by reducing manpower, nonstop client engagement, and easy user interaction for mobile applications. By the recent research, predicted that by the time we reach 2023 chatbots going to contribute the Hugh cost saving around 10 billion dollars each year. It will be integrated into the majority of enterprise mobile applications in 2020.

#2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is not a new technology in mobile application development as of now. AI already created its reputation in mobile app development in the development of smarter applications who are offering stealthy and most useful in user interactions. AI is made great progress by allowing developers to use their own data to build a more accurate and personalized application.

In the coming years, we going to see more and more mobile applications that will use AI and Machine Learning for better UI. According to the experts, AI will cover full customer service and going to reduce manpower to a great extent.

#3. AR / VR

AR is the most famous or mostly used technology nowadays and for the future as well. If you are a mobile app development company, mobile app development firm, or application developer and you want to release your application into the app store or app market AR or VR is one and the only thing that you should consider first.

As per the current trend of mobile app development in AR or VR. In the future, this technology will cross around 3 to 6 billion applications are based on these technologies all around the world.

 #4. Biometrics

Nowadays every mobile phone devices come with integrated biometrics. The login requirements and signup methods are old features now for a new application and new devices. Because today with new apps and new devices we use advanced biometrics for ex. Fingerprints sensors, face unlock or face recognition and voice recognition.

Because as per the current trend in mobile devices in sort future we all have default options available is face recognition, voice recognition, and fingerprints. This will be the most secure and most useful way of authentication.

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#5. Android Instant Applications

In the current time, there are so many applications are there that we need in everyday life. So many applications in single devices require more storage. But sometimes some applications are not as useful as per the feature and require more space in your memory. So there’s one alternative for that type of application is android instant applications.

Android instant applications are very much like a website in look, feel and functionality. This type of application we can use without installing it on our devices. You have to just directly open and use them. This type of applications allows a user to save their mobile phone space while using the app contents. This type of application is opening up the opportunity for mobile app development companies.

#6. Cloud Storage

Currently day by day our life is getting digitized because of usage or importance of mobile apps in our day to day life. To manage applications and their data into mobile devices are more complicated due to limited storage. So nowadays the applications which are offering cloud storage are in high trend nowadays. As per the latest prediction, that by next year cloud storage will use for more than 80% of the mobile traffic around the globe.

Cloud-based applications will be on-trend for the enterprise because of so many important reasons. Cloud storage is more secure, reliable and useful than local. Because you can access your cloud data anywhere at any time from desktop and laptop as well. Also, you can put privacy on your cloud data.

 #7. Application Wallets

Every mobile user or the online buyer is mostly like to make payment for their purchases in very easy and is a very secure manner. Because they don’t want to take any risk while making payments. So they are looking for a smart, reliable, and highly secure solution. So that’s the reason behind the popularity of mobile app wallets.

In future times we can predict that we can see more services, organizations, and businesses to integrate online mobile payment solutions to their mobile applications.

#8. Linear User Flow

Your user side design should have a linear flow like it has a specific starting point, specific middle and an end that give permission to the user to complete action on every given step. In this manner, users can predict how much time it will take for them to complete a specific task on the app.

Take the Uber app for example. Users specifically know what task they have to complete on each page of the app. getting a cab booked for them is a simple three-step process. Users have to i) set the location, ii) select the type of cab iii) book.

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As we talk about it, companies are already working on these features tirelessly. It would not be a surprise if these trends get replaced with completely new features and advancements in the coming decade. However, by the time we complete 2018, these trends are sure to ride the winds of change and gain traction in the market.

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