How to Start a Blog Using Google Blogger

Published on April 27th, 2020 by Guest Author

Creating a blog is the first step if you are looking to become a blogger. A blog would hold your blog posts. One of the easiest and free blogging platforms that contain several useful tools is Google Blogger.

This blogging platform is quite popular as one only needs to have a Google account to use it. There is also no need for any technical knowledge to set up blog posts or publish them.

One can create and manage a blog easily using Blogger or even include a guest post service

In this basic tutorial, we would be talking about what is Google Blogger and how to create a blog using it. Keep on reading to find out more about it! 

What is Google Blogger? 

Google Blogger can be understood as a free publishing platform by Google. It is quite easy to use; hence the writers can quickly upload their content to the blogs through email, Google Plus, or several apps and programs. The users of Google Blogger can get a free domain. Alternatively, they can pick up a custom domain name by paying a bit extra. 

It is also integrated with tools such as Google Analytics and Google AdSense, which helps the users to make money with their Google Blogger websites. Google Blogger can be used on the following browsers: 

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • MS Edge 

The Google Blogger was initially referred to as Blogger and was acquired by Google in the year 2003. This publishing service can smoothen the creation of blogs as well as informal online discussion sites. A single user can create up to 100 blogs through a single account and customize them using pre-designed templates. The content gets hosted on servers of Google, and this service is available in 60 different languages. Google Blogger has a large user base internationally and is quite popular in several countries like India, Indonesia, Brazil, etc. 

Creating a Blog using Google Blogger 

Many blogger websites use Google Blogger. This is because it is free and easy to use. Creating a blog is also quite simple. To build up a blog, just follow the below steps, and your blog will be created in no time: 

Step 1: Create or Sign Up to your Google Account 

The first step is to sign in to your Google account. This is the same as logging to the Gmail account. In case you do not have one, you can simply go to and click on “Sign Up”. After this, create an account by following the steps that appear. Your Google account would be ready within a few minutes. 

Step 2: Create a New Blog using Blogger 

After you have logged in, open the list of Google apps by clicking on the nine-dot grid at the top-right corner. Next, click on the “Blogger” icon. Click on the “Create Your Blog” button once the respective page pops up. 

Step 3: Set a Display Name 

The next step is to choose a display name for your blog. This is what people see when they go through your blog. It does not necessarily have to be your email handle or your real name. It can also be changed later. After you are done, select the button “Continue to Blogger”.

Step 4: Choose the Title, Address, and Theme for the Blog

Once the “Create a New Blog” panel opens, you can choose the title, address as well as the theme for the blog. The “Title” refers to the name that is displayed on the blog. The “Address” is the URL that one can use to access the blog. Lastly, the “Theme” is the color scheme and the layout of the blog. These can be changed later; the process for the same has been explained later in this article. 

Step 5: Finalize and Create the Blog 

Once you are done choosing the title, address, and theme, click on the” Create a Blog” button. Your blog would be created, and you would be able to create your first blog post. Click on the “New Post” button to create a new post. This would open an editing screen where you can enter the title and content for the blog post. After you are done, just click on “Publish” and your post would become ‘live’ and would be available on the internet. 

Note: A blog and blog posts can take 24 hours to appear in the search engines; hence do not panic if you can’t find them in the search results immediately. In the meanwhile, you can work on promoting the blog on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. 

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Changing the Title, Address, or Theme of a Blog

As discussed earlier, the title, address, and theme of a blog can be easily changed. Below, we have illustrated the ways for changing them: 

1. Changing the Title or the Address of a Blog 

Go to the “Settings” menu in the backend of the blog. You would find the option to change the title and the address on the top of the page. Be careful while changing the address of a blog as any links previously shared on different platforms would no longer work or remain valid with a URL change. It won’t be a problem if you haven’t published anything yet. 

2. Changing the Theme of a Blog 

For changing the theme of a blog (i.e., the color, layout, etc.), click on the “Theme” option present on the left sidebar. There are several themes available that you can choose from. After you have picked one, just provide the color layout and the general layout and click on the “Customize” button to finalize everything. 


This was a simple tutorial on how to start a blog using Google Blogger. Although there is a lot more to Google Blogger than the basics, it is enough if you are simply looking to work on a platform for writing and publishing your articles. 

Author Bio: Swathi S, an indispensable member of the Stan Ventures SEO team, is the current outreach specialist at the organization. Known for her way with words, Swathi is a frequent blogger who keeps a tab on the latest SEO updates and guest posting services at the firm.

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3 years ago

google blogger is a good way of creating blogs. I really enjoyed reading this article.