What is Good CTR – 11 Steps to Boost Your Organic CTR

There are many ways on how to rank high on search engines. But the most effective method is through organic click-through rate. This method has been tried and tested by different content experts such as Joel House SEO Geelong, and their feedback is positive. 

Many websites contain high-quality content that answers their visitor’s question, thus ranking on the first page of search engines. But that’s not all you need to get more traffic. And by saying traffic, many people should be reading your content. When few or no people click your content search engines will get the impression that your content isn’t worthy and demote you from the first page.

Therefore, for your website’s content to always appear on the first page of search engines. It would be best if you had a better understanding of the click-through rate. In case it’s your first time, or you’re looking to improve your website’s organic click-through rate. Then you are reading the right post.

By the end, you will have learned all ways of improving CTR as it will act positively in improving your site’s ranking on SERPs.

1. Input the Current Year on the Title Tag

If you want to boost your content organic click-through rate automatically, you need to add the current year on the title tag. This gives your readers the ability to be well-versed with the current trends. In case, you are updating your title tag don’t add the year alone but also remember to update the content.

There will be no reason for adding the current year on the title tag whilst the content has backdated solutions. Here is an example of such a title tag, “Top Marketing Trends for 2020.” Depending on your content, you must add the year. It’s very vital to help you increase organic CTR.

2. Descriptive URLs

According to Neil Patel, to implement a long-tail keyword strategy, you should use your website’s URL. By following this simple trick, you will capture the attention of most people looking for products or solutions. Also, using descriptive URLs, your site will get a 25% increase in click compared to generic URLs. This discovery was made by Microsoft and has gone a long way in helping other sites to increase their ranking on search engines.

3. Detailed Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions inform a visitor what they post is all about. Many people take it lightly and don’t write a compelling meta description. For sure, this has mostly affected SERPs ranking. This is an opportunity you have to inform all your potential visitors that what you have written is worth to be read and will solve their issues.

That’s why you need to come up with a good summary of your content maximum of 160 characters. Ensure you add the main keyword from the title tag on the first line of the meta description as it will be beneficial.

4. Add Images to your Posts

You might be asking yourself how images improve your organic CTR. Before we go further essential SEO tips indicate that you need to add photos to your posts about three or four. This reduces the complexity of the content and increases the urge of the visitor to continue reading. For this to be effective, you need to use relevant images for every post on your website.

5. Use Basic Copywriting Guidelines

Copywriting guidelines are vital in boosting your organic CTR. The main point you need to learn is the use of emotional words. When you don’t use such names, your title tends to be neutral. Another issue is avoiding power words, for example, powerful or ultimate.

Finally, to help you boost your click-through rate, make sure you add questions to your titles. In most cases, visitors tend to ask search engine questions. According to Backlinko, posts whose titles have queries tend to have a CTR of more than 14%. The Use of copywriting rules will go handy in improving your site click-through rate.

6. Make Use of Google Search Console

Better SEO strategy requires you to make use of Google Search Console. This SEO tool is vital in ensuring that your content ranks on the first page of search engines. Don’t assume that the use of keywords is enough you must go back to Google Search Console after publishing your post.

On visiting Google Search Console, you will notice that some queries receive a strong impression. When you add the question on your title tag, you will see that your posts CTR will increase tremendously.

7. Content Localization

Since 2011 many visitors prefer mobile devices as the best means of searching for content online. This means that if one is searching for a product or service, they may be looking for products or services near them. Therefore, localizing your website’s content will be handy in increasing click-through rates. For this to work, go to Google My Business and sign up.

8. Pick Post Titles from Paid Per Click Ads

Do you know that you get your post headlines from PPC Ads such as Google AdWords? Yes, all you need is to search for your preferred topic. I admit that we are looking for organic methods of improving your site’s organic CTR but checking the quality score of AdWords is also vital. Bid the Ads, and the one with a high-quality score should be your choice.

9. Using Yoast

Yoast is an essential WordPress plugin that helps in SEO. Therefore, if you are using WordPress ensure you have this plugin and subscribe for a premium plan for the best results. With this tool, you will find helpful insights on crucial SEO strategies that you have been missing thus a lower CTR. Furthermore, Yoast gives you the post in two versions of mobile and desktop. Therefore, in case of any issues with the post on both versions, you will sort them before publishing.

10. Increase Website Speed

Are visitors spending more time on your website? If not, then there might be an issue to do with the site’s speed if all other factors are okay. Few amounts spent on a website will give impressions to search engines that users don’t find it relevant. This is because users don’t have the best experience. But by increasing your website’s speed, it will go a long way in boosting your click-through rate improving your SERPs ranking.

11. Track Your Organic CTR

Always check your organic CTR as it will help you know how well or bad you are doing. All you need is to visit Google Analytics and see your organic click-through rate.


Organic traffic has become an important aspect when it comes to SERP ranking for a website. Furthermore, it much essential for business as it’s the best digital marketing strategy. Follow all these steps to make sure you reach all your potential customers today.

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