What is SEO? 

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It is common knowledge that search engine optimisation (SEO) is crucial in digital marketing. Therefore, hiring a company that offers reputable SEO services in Australia, and can provide results is crucial. Professionals understand that SEO is a complex process. It comprises multiple elements that you need to learn about and how they work. 

Besides making your website visible and generating more traffic, SEO is also valuable in creating your brand’s awareness, building relationships with prospects and positioning yourself as an authoritative and trustworthy expert in your field.  

What Are the Crucial Elements of SEO? 


Although keywords are not the only SEO techniques that matter, as they were in recent years, they can still be considered a crucial element in your digital marketing. As the leading SEO agency preferred by many clients, Best SEO Company Adelaide professionals understand that keywords must be well-researched, carefully chosen, and judiciously used in the content so that they can be effective. 

Choosing what keywords to use require the services of an expert in the industry. It would help if you aimed for keywords with high search rates and low competition. With different types of keywords available for your content, determining the best one and the ones that will attract traffic is crucial. Since we are experienced in the field, we understand what can work for your content. We can therefore optimise your content for a higher ranking in search engines. 


Being the vehicle you use to reach your audience, content is an essential aspect of SEO. As a business owner, you should either find the angle to use when crafting your content or trust the job of an experienced SEO agency. The content you create should be educational, interesting, relevant, and shareable. 

Off-Page SEO

All the external optimisation practices that happen away from your site rather than on it can be called off-page SEO. Backlinking is the main technique used for off-page SEO. Usually, when your site receives quality backlinks from external sites, it indicates that your site is valuable and high quality. This is a significant boost to your website authority. 

Professionals understand the many backlink-building tactics and the best practices for effective results. Some of the current best practices include guest blogging, infographics, and influencer marketing. 

Local SEO

Today, more people use mobile devices and laptops to search for services or products they need online. This makes local SEO a critical factor in your digital marketing campaign. Studies show that 60% of all searches are performed on mobile devices; of those searches, almost half have local intent. 

Local SEO ensures that when people search for products or services in your local area, they will find you. Some local SEO best practices include using local keywords, claiming directory listings, creating location-specific pages for your site and creating pages for your business on Google My Business Local directories and Google Maps. 

Search Engine Marketing

These are paid marketing efforts. It includes native ads, social media, pay-per-click, and google shopping ads. Although this is not a significant component of a comprehensive SEO campaign, it is crucial in helping you reach a new and highly targeted audience. 

The Importance of SEO for a Modern Business

  1. Visibility and rankings

Increasing your brand’s visibility is one of the most important functions of SEO. With an effective SEO campaign, it is easier for prospects to find you when they search for something you offer. When your product is visible on the search engine, your ranking is higher than competitors. 

A higher ranking in the SERPs translates to more prospects and increases your organic page ranking. At Best SEO Company Adelaide, we help clients improve their rankings and achieve better visibility. If you trust our team, we will work on your ranking, meaning all web users who never click past the first SERP will get you. 

  1. Web traffic

Increasing your web traffic should be a major goal of your SEO. You can increase your website’s traffic by increasing your visibility and ranking. Every website owner’s dream is to have their results on the first page of the search results when potential clients are searching for their services. To achieve these results, you need the services of a qualified SEO agency in Adelaide for assistance. The team at Best SEO Company Adelaide can help. 

  1. Authority

Your Page’s Authority means that your website is trustworthy, with high-quality and relevant content and that you have something to offer to the audience. Having a higher page authority means your site is more valuable to the users. 

  1. A better user experience

The usability of your site is very critical to your ranking. You may have generated great content, but with an improved user experience, you will get the desired results. A seamless and positive user experience is essential. As a business owner, you should ensure that your website is responsive so that people accessing it through desktops and computers and those using mobile phones and laptops can all read through your services. 

Furthermore, increasing your page’s load speed reduces your bounce rate, encouraging visitors to spend more time engaging with your brand. Web users expect your page to load quickly and for at least three seconds when searching for you. A website taking longer to load has a higher bounce rate, meaning the conversions will be lower.  

  1. Building trust with customers

Building trust with your customers takes a lot of effort. However, in online marketing strategies, user experience is everything. This has to do with how you interact with your audience online. A positive user experience leads to more web clicks, increasing traffic and improving your SEO. Over time, your search engine results will get closer to those top spots. 

With good SEO and a positive user experience, you will build trust organically, which means you will grow and optimise your digital marketing and business. Are you delivering what the customers are looking for? Doing so helps you become trusted source users can depend on. Since users know what they want, not providing that means your SEO will suffer. Your content should be informational; with the correct answers your audience is asking. 

What is the Role of SEO in Digital Marketing? 

SEO professionals like Best SEO Company Adelaide understand that SEO can be overwhelming. However, it is crucial for an effective online marketing campaign. Are you wondering where to start or what to do after starting? Our professionals will walk you through every step and ensure that what you do brings positive results to your business. Since we are experts in digital marketing, we take a data-driven approach to the role of SEO in your marketing strategy. 

How Do You Implement SEO? 

Now you understand how important SEO is to your business. Here are the tactics for implementing SEO on and off your website. 

Technical SEO

This entails optimising your website for crawlability and indexability by search engines. It is a complicated aspect of SEO but only needs less maintenance or consistent attention than other SEO components. Ensure that you look at the following components of technical SEO;

  • Identify crawl errors
    Google and other search engines index pages by crawling them. When ‘spiders’ cannot understand or view your page, it is experiencing crawl errors. If this is the case with your page, it will not be indexed or ranked. 
  • Ensure you have a mobile-friendly site
    If your site is optimised for mobile, your ranking will be higher. Ensure that you check mobile friendliness through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. If you want your website to be mobile-friendly, you can trust the team at Best SEO Company Adelaide.
  • Fixing broken links
    For a website to rank well, it should not have broken or dead links. The links hurt SEO and the user experience, resulting in a higher bounce rate. Whether internal or external, broken links should be fixed, removed, or redirected using a 404 redirect. 
  • Checking website speed
    Websites that the audience favour are the fast loading ones, not the slower ones. If you have a slow-loading website, it will affect your SEO ranking. Usually, users bounce from slow-loading sites, which means they won’t stay to view what you have to offer. All your work, such as researching keywords, will go to waste. 
  • Removing duplicate content
    Generally, search engines hate duplicate content or content that is too similar. This can also be confusing for the audience. Therefore, ensuring that you have unique content on your website is vital. 

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO entails efforts to optimise the content that populates your website. You should create content that gives the ‘spiders’ the necessary information to crawl and index your page. Using keywords related to what you are offering and what people are searching for is recommended. On-page SEO elements include the following:

  • Keyword research
    Before creating any content for your pages, keyword research is fundamental. These are words or phrases that relate to your product or services and are actively being searched for online. Researching keywords ensures that you only choose the relevant ones that are not too competitive. Professionals advise choosing keywords with a high search rate but low competition. High domain authority sites usually dominate high search rate and high-competition keywords.
  • Content creation
    After choosing the keywords, you need to create the actual content. This is the web page content, like product or service pages and blog posts. 
  • Keyword itself
    Using the target keyword multiple times within your content would be best. However, keyword density will vary depending on the word count of your written content. 
  • Title
    Your content title should have the keyword and be short and precise.
  • Word count and sentence structure
    The content for the SEO should be informative and valuable, with as much information on the topic as possible. Good readability, word count, and short, structured sentences add to the requirements of good content. 
  • Headings
    Using H1, H2, H3, and more in headings is vital for long, complicated content pieces. They separate the text, helping readers and search engines understand what is discussed in a particular section. 
  • Image tags and other media
    Search engine algorithms usually prefer multimedia content. A text with more forms of media is better than one without. Hence, the use of images and their alt tags is encouraged. 
  • Internal links
    Internal links are essential for providing additional information to viewers and increasing traffic to your other pages. They also help develop a website’s structure and hierarchy and keep visitors on your site longer. 

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional SEO Agency? 

Are you currently doing SEO, or are you looking to start? One of the common dilemmas you will have is whether to outsource your SEO efforts to an agency or not. When outsourcing to any SEO agency in Adelaide, control and financial concerns may make you shy away from engaging a team. This may tempt you to try the DIY option to save money, however this can oftentimes provide no results. These are some of the benefits of working with an SEO agency;

  1. Saves time

Most business owners and managers do not have the luxury of time at their disposal. SEO is a time-intensive strategy that requires full attention. It is also a continuous process requiring hours of research, optimisation, and upkeep. Outsourcing a professional SEO agency in Adelaide will ensure you have a team of professionals behind your brand, giving you time to focus on other aspects of your business. An SEO agency specialises in completely managing your search marketing campaign, practically 24/7.

With an SEO company, you can rest assured that they will do all the time-consuming tasks consistently needed for SEO optimisation, including;

  • Keyword research and coordinating SEO focus on your business’s KPIs
  • Customisation of metadata optimisations
  • Keyword density and content optimisation
  • Strategic internal linking optimisation
  • Implementing changes to the site
  • Campaign data analysis, reporting and data-focused adjustments
  • Monitoring for indexing problems and SEO performance issues.
  1. Economical 

Financing the salaries, software, and equipment needed to build a team of in-house SEO professionals is significantly more expensive than hiring an SEO agency in Australia. Hiring an SEO company is advantageous because they can offer a full team at a much lower price than maintaining an in-house team. In addition to being an economical option, the right SEO agency will provide you with unbeatable ROI, making it impossible to ignore. 

  1. Take advantage of industry expertise

An SEO agency provides diverse experts, such as SEO professionals, web developers and content writers who are all equipped and qualified to handle specific situations. They work as a team; everyone is focused on excelling in their area and delivering the best results to your company. 

Working with a professional provides insight from someone who specialises in SEO, is experienced, and has a better understanding than you. Since search engines are constantly changing, they leave businesses struggling to keep up or losing out on important traffic without even knowing. An expert;

  • Will monitor the industry’s new channels, forums, and competitors for insights on algorithm updates and their effect on SEO rankings.
  • Monitor your website’s health for issues with indexing, traffic drops, ranking loss, manual actions, etc.
  • Can diagnose issues to point out causes in algorithmic penalties and drops.
  • Can guide and develop advice to fix the problems.
  • They have access to the latest technology and essential industry platforms.
  1. Experience with brands like yours

SEO agencies generally have experience working with many clients and industries. Therefore, they have an understanding of what strategies work best for specific niches. Since they have been through years of trial and error and rigorous testing across many business landscapes, hiring the right one for you will give you an edge on what will drive results. 

Typically, the agencies that you consult will have worked on many brands similar to yours and within the same industry. This means that they have helped other companies increase their rankings, and, with the right strategy, can also do this for you too. A professional understands how to best combine your expectations with strategies for a fully customised design. 

  1. Better efficiency

Many SEO agencies in Australia have a tightly knit team working together to develop your SEO strategy while simultaneously implementing it. They have diverse talent on the team and the resources to make seamless changes to your website. As such, since they constantly check your website, updates can be made quickly and, if urgent, on the spot. 

  1. Stay on top of trends

With the constant evolution of SEO, strategies that worked earlier may be less effective today. One of the most important aspects of SEO is staying on top of trends and algorithm changes. With an SEO agency, you can rest assured that they will dedicate time to research and trend watching, which many companies don’t have. 

  1. Safety for your business

If you don’t know what to do, SEO can be a risky task. You are opening the door for search penalties, spam, and hacking. Hiring a professional SEO agency is vital because they know what to do and what to look out for to avoid negative repercussions and keep your website safe. However, while outsourcing to an agency is essential, it is good to do due diligence and watch out for companies that offer anything that sounds too good to be true. 

  1. More sales and revenue

Most business owners will work with an SEO agency to increase their sales and revenue immensely. Statistics indicate that more than 40% of online revenue comes through search engines, which generate more than 50% of all internet traffic. It also indicates that SEO leads are way more likely to close than leads from outbound marketing strategies. This indicates how crucial search optimisation is to driving sales and revenues. 


SEO is an essential aspect of digital marketing and is hard to ignore. It is accompanied by numerous benefits, such as increased visibility and traffic, increased sales and revenue, and an improved ranking of your website. Therefore, it is a strategy many business owners use for their digital marketing. 

Given its importance, you should not risk getting this channel wrong, as the foundation of your business’s growth depends on it. That is why hiring a professional SEO agency in Adelaide is highly recommended. If you want further assistance with your SEO campaign, we are readily available and will be happy to walk you through a seamless journey with assurance of results. 

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