How Can Link Building Help You Grow Your Blog?

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The basis for effective online company advertising is SEO website optimization. Do not, however, believe that it solely impacts the page’s internal content. Building links on blogs, the main component of external SEO optimization, has become crucial. This is a technique for getting other websites to connect to your resource.

Search engine robots analyze link mass, and the more links to authoritative and relevant sites lead to your page, the higher you will rise in the rankings. Statistics show that 70% of successful promotion depends on properly used link-building strategies

What is a link in blog link building?

The most important thing in link building is the link. In simple terms, a link looks like a line in HTML, which, when clicked, will link to the page to which it is attached. As a concrete example, if you own a blog, the markup on another resource will enable users to get to your blog. 

The source where the hyperlink is located is called the donor, and your page, in this case, acts as the acceptor. In this case, the donor provides trust (that is, expresses confidence) to the acceptor. And the size of this trust depends on the number of links placed. The more trusted links lead to the blog, the higher it ranks in search engine results.

Who needs link-building strategies, how do you, and why buy links?

SEO buying links you need if you:

  • Just starting on the web and want as many potential customers to know about you as possible.
  • You are looking for effective ways to increase traffic.
  • You write in a field where there are many authors, and there is a struggle for every reader.

In general, link-building is worthwhile for every blog that promotes itself through online resources. 

Link building for blogs and how to use them

When it comes to link building for blogs, links are different. There are several classifications, according to which it is worth selecting appropriate options for implementing a link-buying strategy. Types of links on their technical characteristics:

  • Anchor link – in the text, it is hidden behind a specific anchor word. The anchor must reflect the essence of the link to which it leads. 
  • Unanchor link – similar in construction to anchor link, but instead of a keyword describing the blog to which it leads, it uses neutral motivational words such as “here,” “click here,” “by link,” or a clean link URL.
  • Picture link: in some cases, you can use an image or photo instead of text as a link. These are most frequently used on social networks, blogs, and forums. When writing it manually, such a link is constructed using a formula.

In addition, you can choose how to buy links for the blog:

  • To put them manually (for example, if you leave them on forums, in the notes on social networks, or websites, order this service in SEO-company or from the owners of the “donor”).
  • To use automatic placement with the help of special programs.

The question of price also allows you to allocate different types of links:

  • You can publish free links in those sources where there is no pre-moderation. An example is the same forums where you can use links as comments or in your profile signature.
  • Paid: you pay a fee for their placement.

There is also an opportunity to choose how long links will “live.” You can rent them, that is, place rental links and pay for their rental period, and after the end of the payment, they will be removed. Quite another thing – “eternal” links. They will remain on the resource forever. The owners of “donors” or exchangers set the cost of eternal links. The payment for them is made only once. 

Links relevant to the content into which they are integrated are called natural. However, if a link is placed without reference to the subject of the text (i.e., an article about auto parts has links with anchors that relate to horticulture), it is called spam. Such a variant is standard on the Internet, but the effectiveness of such link-building could be better.

Where to get good links?

So, what links are good?

  • Perpetual.
  • Decorated with pictures or anchors that include keywords on the blog topic they lead.
  • It is located on resources-donors worthy of trust and authority.
  • Have high static and dynamic weight.
  • Increasing traffic.
  • Located in the central part of the page (links in the footer or sidebar are less likely to catch the user’s eye).
  • Open (with the attribute dofollow).
  • You are naturally mentioning your blog.

Trust, what is it? 

Trust is the credibility that the donor site that posts your link has. If the link in the content is the only one, you get 100% trust. If there are several links, the trust is divided equally among them. 

Trust is inextricably linked to the weight of the link: anchor weight is taken into account by search engines, and the more naturally the link is inserted, the more it corresponds to the theme of the donor site and the higher the weight. Static weight is the distribution of trust between links. Note that only anchor links give static and dynamic weight to the acceptor.

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Essential criteria for donor sites for link building for blogs

Who can act as a donor resource if you want to buy links? The requirements for a good place are:

  • Popularity: placing a mention of you on a significant trusted media resource with high attendance by the type of media, a blog of a famous person, or a many forum – is worthwhile. Placing on help with the ambiguous content, unpopular or spam-loaded site – not.
  • Authority: In addition to attendance, you want the site to be associated with your activity is a common theme. And the more relevant “donor,” the higher the will be indexed by search engine robots.

In this case, you are allowed the choice of sites for link building. Therefore, it is best to choose the of them:

  • For example, topic blogs and profile sites can be mentioned on their pages. Or you can order an article to be posted.
  • Social networks: in addition to the posts themselves, building link mass will help repost users.
  • Forums and review sites: this is an excellent field for crowdfunding marketing. Post a review on your blog with open anchor links, invite your customers to write reviews and thank yous about you – and you’ll safely build connection not only mass but also attract customers.

How do you check a blog’s existing link profile?

To do this, you can use one of the unique resources to analyze the number of mentions about you online. You can use them to check your link profile and, in some services, filter out spammy links and remove them. Check out to learn more about practical tools for SEO promotion of your blog. 

Stages of link building

Only build up your link mass by buying links from link exchanges. Such an approach will not give a tangible result because it is essential to the number of links and their quality. On the contrary, the massive purchase of actively filtered by search engines, and with this strategy, you can get under sanctions by search engines. Promotion with the help of eternal links, prescribed manually, on an authoritative resource using correctly chosen anchors – this is the best way to build up a quality link mass.

What is essential when forming a strategy?

When forming a strategy, you must choose a performer: will it be you, an SEO agency, a webmaster, or a donor resource? You also need to prepare exciting and relevant content related to your site, which the user who goes to the “donor” will read and want to click on the link. And, of course, you need to choose those donors who will help your site to become more popular and increase traffic. 

How to grow your blog? Conclusions

So, compare link building with the banal purchase links – wrong. The difference between them is substantial, and where the purchase can be detrimental to your business or ineffective, a well-thought-out strategy for link-building will give good results. But to do this, you need to understand what SEO link-buying is and be meticulous in selecting both the content itself and potential donors. And this requires time and an understanding of the intricacies of SEO optimization. Therefore, this method of blog promotion can and should be used.

Guest Author – Frank Hamilton

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and SEO. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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Link building is a crucial strategy for blog growth, and your insights are valuable. Thanks for shedding light on how this technique can enhance the visibility and reach of our blogs!

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I was really confused about link building. But this blog really helped me

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I don’t think any website can do without link building. It is the main issue when it comes to blogging. Although I find it very boring most of the time. But I try my best and spend most of my time on link building which is worth it

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I am currently studying digital marketing and to be honest I was really confused about link building. But this blog really helped me to understand it in detail. I cannot thank you enough for this !

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