Why is video an essential part of the modern-day SEO?

Last updated on June 6th, 2021 by Rahul Kumar Singh

It was pretty easy to rank for keywords and get a tremendous amount of return on investment in the early days of the internet. However, the evolution of the internet has made SEO and digital advertisement more and more difficult due to the stiff competition on the market. The figure below will give you a fair idea of the growth of the internet. 

Why is video an essential part of the modern-day SEO?
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Back in the old days, the only thing you need to do to rank your site was to stuff keywords in it. However, the advancement in search engine technology has made life harder for modern business owners. You need to take care of plenty of factors to rank higher on search engines these days. 

Why is video an essential part of the modern-day SEO?
Image Source: Digital Markets Journal

If you want to rank higher and get a significant volume of traffic from search engines, you must incorporate videos to your marketing plan. 

Creating a video these days is not a big deal. You can use your smartphone camera and start recording your video. Then use a freely available video editing software if you are beginning. 

Another excellent option for you to get started with video production is creating an explainer video. Use an explainer video software that allows you to organize objects together for producing a video quickly. 

There is also an option of outsourcing this task to an explainer video production company to get your hands on top-notch videos that produce results. These companies have all tools and skilled workforce to handle your project, while you can work on other aspects of the business. 

Why should I even bother producing videos for SEO?

By plainly looking at the ranking factors, you might think that videos are not that important for ranking your site. Well, that is what many SEO professionals believe till this very day. After finishing this, you will know what you are missing out on by not employing videos for SEO purpose. 

Have you seen how Google features video on its search results?

Allow me to show you what I got when I searched for a generic term like “how to cook pasta?” on Google.

Many top-ranked sites are competing for this particular keyword. However, there is a twist on how Google ranked videos above many authoritative sites who want to get search traffic. If you are starting your online business, you must create videos for sharing your knowledge. 

Even if you are an owner of an authoritative site, you want to rank on Google for various search terms to get the extra traffic from search engines. You will not rank for every search term in your industry, even if you have a top-notch site. Due to that reason, opting for videos can allow you to rank for times that you are not doing well via your blog posts. 

The study shows that over 90% of the search traffic goes to the sites from the first page of the search result. Furthermore, over 40% of the total search traffic goes to the top 3 websites on the outcome. If Google features your video on the top, you will be getting a massive chunk of the traffic to your site. 

Social signals are great for SEO

Google and other search engines are giving more and more importance to social cues. The better social signals mean that people are liking your content and sharing it on their social media handles. 

If you publish and promote a stunning on-person or an animated explainer video, you will attract thousands of eyeballs or even millions within a few weeks. The study has found that videos are 1200% more likely to get shares in comparison to other types of posts. 

The importance of video is so high these days that even Facebook is encouraging people to publish videos, and Instagram now has IGTV. 

Backlinks are crucial to ranking, and you need videos to amplify your links

The number of backlinks and the domain authority of those sites that link back to you play a crucial role in determining the ranking of your page. At first, the video is not like a blog post that you can only publish on a single platform. 

The beauty of video is that you can publish the same video on multiple platforms like your blog post, YouTube, and other social media/social bookmarking sites. By publishing it on various platforms, you collect valuable backlinks from these sites. Furthermore, it also extends the reach of your video. 

Secondly, the influencers in your niche will be more eager to link back to you or share your work if they encounter an astonishing video content. You will also get more positive feedbacks when you reach out to other people for backlinks with video content. 

People want to stay on your site because of videos and Google loves that fact

The time spent on your website is also a critical factor that will decide your rank on search results. According to the study, around 88% of visitors stay longer on a blog post, which has a video in it. 

The longer time spent on your website means that searchers like your content, which send a positive signal to search engines. 

You entice searchers to click on the link via videos

Internet users crave for videos, as people feel more comfortable to consume video content than to go through written words. A great video with an enticing title and a new thumbnail is likely to get a higher click-through rate. 

The higher click-through rate shows that your people want to know more about your offering, which will eventually make search engines to boost your rankings. 

Retention of information is a key for brand mentions

The people will not remember much of what they read on a blog post unless they are enthusiastic about that specific information. However, the case with videos is different. Below is an image that shows the result of one study. 

Image Source: Running Pony

The more information the viewers retain, the higher the chances of them purchasing your product or remembering your brand. When people know about your brand, they will use your “brand name” to search, which means more branded search and an increase in your ranking. 

Great influencers have a higher domain authority

When you continuously share useful videos, you will slowly establish yourself as an influencer in your niche. The people will view you as an expert on the subject once they watch a few videos of your company. 

There are different types of video that you can create and publish like tutorials, testimonials, promo video, casual vlog, and so on. The video allows your audience to better connect with you, which will make them come back to your site again and again. 

Over the period, your site will be an authority site on the subject if you carry on your effort, which will allow you to rank quickly in the future. 

Back to You

Many small and huge organizations have gotten a massive return by using videos for their SEO. Getting search traffic means that you are having an influx of targeted audience without spending a single dollar on a digital advertisement. 

Are you convinced that you should focus on videos to rank higher in search results? If yes, let us know what type of videos will you create at first. In case you are not getting a good result from video marketing, you should learn some strategies on how you can use videos for SEO. 

Finally, let our community know your valuable insights and opinions. 

Thanks to Chehak Wadhwa For Providing this Great Article.

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Chris Bunney
3 years ago

As someone who spends their waking hours convincing would-be clients to devote resources (time and money) to producing video content for their brand and their products and services, your post is a great argument for understanding not only the value of video content, but also understanding how that content can and should be an integral part of any larger SEO campaign. Thanks!

spprt norton
4 years ago

Thanks for sharing the list man, it’s probably gonna help a lot of SEOs and newbies to get some Do Follow backlinks for their domains.

spprt norton
4 years ago

The information you have provided is very important and beneficial,
I hope you will give more such information from time to time.

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4 years ago

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4 years ago

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