5 Things That Make a Website Successful

A lot of people are talking more and more about mobile apps, and while that’s all well and food, we think it’s taking away attention from web development. While it’s true that we’ve come to rely on apps more and more heavily to live our lives, web development is still very much a bustling world. And so today, we’ll talk a bit about that, not about the latest web development and design trends, but about what makes a successful website.

Web Development vs. Mobile App Development

Is there a definite winner? Not really, no. While the debate over which one is better still rages on, the answer seems as elusive as ever. Both web development and mobile app dev have their sets of pros and cons. Web development, for example, is cheaper and can be easier than mobile app creation, but at the same time, mobile apps are considered smoother.

What defines a successful website?

That’s an interesting, if not tricky question because the success of a website is influenced by a wide range of things.

1. Security

Security has become a much-debated subject in recent years. Mainly because we, as a society, have become more aware of the importance of online safety, and implicitly, of the dangers of sharing out data online. Every reputable website should have an SSL certificate nowadays, considering that some users will stay away from unencrypted websites. Moreover, certain browsers or browser settings might even block out any websites that don’t use HTTPS.

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2. User Interface

Up there with security, we have a user interface. Let’s face it, we’ve come a long way from the general sense of wonder that accompanied any technological experience back in the 70s and 80s. Now, we expect interactions of only the highest quality and ones that involve the most minimal effort on our part. This is why the user interface plays a big part in the success (or failure) of your website.  

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3. Technical Performance

From the list, we can’t overlook technical performance. This is not only something that will heavily influence our website’s visitors, but it will also affect our overall Google ranking and SEO. See, Google aims to provide the best user experience and rank websites accordingly. And the more difficult, buggy, and slow your website is, chances are, the lower it will rank.

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4. Backend Technology

The technology used for running basic tasks on the said website will also come into play. As the digital world continues to advance, we come to expect only the very best and most modern technology from any online interaction. This is why, as a website developer, you need to constantly be on the lookout for new trends and technologies, so as to keep your websites properly optimized.

5. Content

Last but not least important is content. This is perhaps the only non-techy part of the equation, although it is just as important as any of the others above, in determining a website’s success. In order to run a good, popular website, you’ll need to run a pretty tight ship with your content. This means regularly updating and sprucing up old blog posts and pages, to ensure it’s relevant and pleasing to the eye. You’ll also need to take into account other things, such as expressions, brevity, and keywords used to help your website rank highly.

As a website designer/developer, what’s the biggest, most important factor in this process, for you?

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2 years ago

Great tips to be followed !

2 years ago

Thanks for sharing this content Really informative article which helps a lot for beginners to understand the strategy Easily, Great Work.

Debora John
Debora John
2 years ago

Thank you for this great guide. The information you have provided is very helpful if someone is planning to develop a website.