How to Find a Catchy Blog Names That Will Help?

Do want to know how to find catchy blog names? If yes then this article is especially for you because in this article I will show you everything that you need to open a successful blog.

A domain name, especially in case of blogging website, is a tricky thing.

As it creates the first impression and helps readers to make their mind to start reading that blog.

A great blogging name is very important as it is directly related to building your first impression.

In cases where individuals spend a great time in selecting their niche must prepare them for the real exercise as thinking for a right domain name is going to be really tough.

As most of the names we think are not available for registration.

There is nothing more irritating than seeing that name famous across the internet some other personal blog.

Whenever I start to buy a domain name it seems that all catchy blog names are already taken.

To make the situation less stressful, I have come up with a set of guidelines that will help you.

Role of Domain Name

In this digital era, it is very important to get a memorable name.

A name having high recalling value make it easier to attract traffic.

As shown in a movie The Founders where a salesman meets two brothers owns a burger restaurant. Impressed with service and management and finds the opportunity to start a franchise of their restaurant.

At the end of the movie, the salesman told one of the brothers that “Do you know what is the best thing about your business?” The salesman informs after a pause “its the name Mcdonald’s”.

Which is truly a catchy blog names can be your first step towards the success of your blog.

While selecting the name try to make it as good as you can.

Things you need to make a blog good

  • Purpose – Before starting up a blog you must know its purpose? Why are you writing that blog and how will it help to your readers? Do you want to educate your audience, or giving some information? It will help you to accomplish your goals through it.
  • Style – There is a set of the style used for different type of blogs. Before starting you must know that will you write for yourself or for any company.
  • Presence – You need to build your presence as an active presence make it more favorable for the audience to get associated with the blog. In order to make this you need plan will you post a blog daily or twice a week. As it will help you to make consistency.

These three points will help you in creating a good blog for your audience.

Choosing the right name can take some time but after the success of your blog, you will be happy.

Instead of choosing a name in a hurry which will make you think that there is a more suitable name for my blog than I am using currently.

Answer these questions Before naming your blog

  • What is your target audience?
  • What does my audience search?
  • How my audience will feel while they read my blog?
  • Will you develop your blog as a brand name?
  • Why my people will convert in buyers?

Before thinking of a name you must think about the above questions as these answer will make it easy to create a happening name.

It may difficult to answer these questions but it will give you an attractive name.

As selecting a memorable name can be worse too wondering how choosing a memorable name can be bad? If your chosen name fails to connect with your audience.

In that case, you will end up with excluding your audience. Let’s understand this with the help of an example.

A food blog named chicken mania will look great and attracting but on the other hand,

It will separate out vegetarians who will unlike to bookmark your website.

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How to get an attractive Blog name?

You can get a perfect name for your blog by following these simple steps:-

Use a two-word combination

While deciding your name never use a one-word name as that is less effective and most of the single names are registered already.

Do you know? the right formula for crafting a perfect name use a two-word combination that can possibly consist of adjective-noun, verb-noun, noun-noun.  

Actually, our brain remembers names like Nomeatathelete, Warriorforum, Delhi diary, etc.

You can make it as simple as 123movies If you are making your blog that will portray a specific city or a country.

Add that geographical region in your name it will help to attract as well as on value too.

Always opt for a .com Domain

Let’s think for a while you started your blog with an attractive .in or any other name.

After so much efforts and a huge number of published blogs you generated a decent number of visitors.

But due to .net many of your audience will be not able to access as our brains automatically put a .com after a website name.

It is also possible that due to your traffic the owner of .com started a similar blog.

Another thing if you become really popular a .com will help you to maintain your brand name without facing the problem of look-alike website enjoying the share of your popularity.


It is a tough job to think a name for your blog but as you start trying to register that domain name you will find that most of the simple names are already registered.

To overcome with this situation never limit yourself to specific words try to experiment by making yourself flexible in switching the name for example  If is taken try if it is less attractive you can shift it as or etc.

Learn with blogs you love

While thinking of a name for your blog start off thinking of blogs you use to follow.

How they made you click? How you find them? Try to understand what pattern they are using in your name.

You can also check for your competitor websites as it will help you to understand current trends in your respective niche.

Take Suggestions

This is the most important and best thing you can do to find the name. When you are doing each and everything about your website alone.

It can develop a feeling of a control freak which can kill your creativity.

To save yourself from this you must take suggestions from your friends and family members.

As they can help in exploring new viewpoint helps you to develop great name even I will suggest you must share your decided name with your friends and family members first in order to take review before registering for it.


Thinking of a good name for your blog is not rocket science, on the other hand, you never use a set of rules as a thumb rule to guarantee the success of that name.

Above steps will make it easy with more productive results.

You must remember that helping people is the best way to associate with them choose a name which is designed to help people.

Points to remember to make it short, simple, memorable and must be a .com these things will help you to become stand alive from the dead crowd.

Still having questions regarding catchy blog names mention it below in comment box we will try to answer it in our upcoming blogs.               

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