51+ Top Guest Post Sites (DA & Category Wise)

Last updated on April 15th, 2024 by Rahul Kumar Singh

Are you looking for high-quality guest post sites that help your website rank on top? If yes then this article is especially for you.

In this article, I will show you 51+ high-quality guest post sites.

So, let’s start with a brief guide about guest posts and then a list of guest post sites.

What is a Guest Post?

Guest post is where a blogger writes unique content for another blogger’s website and gets a link back to their website or client’s website in return.

Guest posting is one of the best way for link building. Proper guest posting can boost a website’s ranking and increase referral traffic.

Is guest posting still worth it in 2024?

Yes, search engines like google release updates frequently to detect spammy links and black hat links, but guest posting is the only way to build quality links and it’s still effective

How to contact the website owner to get a positive response?

It is not easy to get a response because website authors never reply to every single email because they receive 1000s of emails daily.

If the website owner doesn’t like your pitch, they don’t even reply and ignore your email, so make sure you write it naturally.

Don’t worry, I will show you how to contact any website owner to get a positive response simply

guest post outreach template

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Guest Posting Sites list:

Tech guest posting sites:

  1. GoOnlineTools Blog – DR 55
  2. Mashable – DA 92
  3. Hubspot – DA 91
  4. GetResponse – DA 81
  5. Social Media Today – DA 80
  6. Social Media Examiner – DA 76
  7. Content Marketing Institute – DA 74
  8. Creative Bloq – DA 74
  9. MarketingProfs – DA 72
  10. Benchmark – DA 71
  11. OutBrain – DA 70
  12. B2Bmarketing – DA 69
  13. Thesitegirls – DA 68
  14. CoSchedule – DA 66
  15. Shout Me Loud – DA 62
  16. Inc 42 – DA 61
  17. SEO Hacker – DA 57
  18. HubsAdda – DA 54
  19. Sociable Blog – DA 52
  20. iTech Code – DA 51

Health guest posting sites:

  1. Mindbodygreen – DA 87
  2. Fitness Magazine – DA 77
  3. ACSH – DA 73
  4. Breaking Muscle – DA 69
  5. Wealthy Gorilla – DA 61
  6. RCNi – DA 60
  7. International Policy Digest – DA 58
  8. Yoga Basics – DA 57
  9. Shelterforce – DA 56
  10. Scoop Empire – DA 55

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Travel guest posting sites:

  1. TravelSupermarket – DA 61
  2. InternationalLiving – DA 59
  3. WorldHum – DA 56
  4. IndieTravelPodcast – DA 47
  5. GlobalGrasshopper – DA 45
  6. HeatheronHerTravel – DA 45
  7. JettingAround – DA 37
  8. ShortTravelTrips – DA 34
  9. InsideJourney – DA 33
  10. Diwyy – DA 33
  11. BodrumPeninsulaTravelGuide – DA 28
  12. TrailSunblazed – DA 20

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Education guest posting sites::

  1. The Guardian – DA 98
  2. Edutopia – DA 85
  3. Getting Smart – DA 63
  4. Teach – DA 61
  5. TeacherCast – DA 46
  6. MathBlog – DA 44
  7. Gender and Education Association – DA 42
  8. Educational App Store – DA 41
  9. CosmoBC – DA 40
  10. Student Caring – DA 31

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Guest posting is one of the best ways to grow website backlinks.

If you know of any good website that accepts guest posts then please tell us via the contact us page.

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2 years ago

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Asad Hanif
4 years ago

Hey Rahul, You have published a great list of guest blogging.

I don’t know whether this is helpful or not.
This is how I search for queries for niche Relevant Guest Posts:
1. NICHE + “write for us”
2. NICHE + “contributors”
3. NICHE + “guest writer”
4. NICHE + “guest post guidelines”

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How to creation forums postin.Please suggest me, how can I know that.

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Your share a great list guest post sites..It’s really helpful to make do follow backlinks. Thanks for sharing your huge collection with us…

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Tarique Amir
5 years ago

Hi Rahul,

What an amazing list of sites. You have done extremely well to research and compile this wonderful list. This post is very helpful for visitors looking for high domain authority sites for guest posting.

Thanks for sharing,have a good day. 🙂