4 Hidden Blogging Tips No One Wants you to Know

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Blogging is a hit or miss among people. Some people enjoy the thrill of typing away words for people’s knowledge while some people think it is a complete waste of time and money. Well, each to their own but much like the hidden tricks behind 22Bet Online sports betting, you need to know that there are a few hidden tricks and tips that not every successful blogger wants you to know.

However, this is where we step in and help you out. We have lined a list of some of the most amazing yet underrated blogging tips that you likely didn’t know of.

1. Start with learning graphics and design

Just pushing out chunks after chunks of written text content is never going to turn out well in your favor. What you need to do instead is keep an eye out for emerging strategies that more and more bloggers are using. If you look at successful bloggers from a decade back and now, you will realize that they have upskilled. And, one of the most important skills to possess and reflect on knows basic design and graphics. This can help you elevate your blog and even raise its chances of being seen.

2. Prioritize the headlines

The audience now has a maximum attention span of fewer than 3 seconds. This means that if you can’t catch your readers’ attention in the 3 seconds, chances are that you won’t be able to make them click on your blog. This is where catchy headlines come into play. Investing your time into curating a catchy headline determines whether your blog will get clicks and notices.

3. Make hyperlinks open in new windows

Although quite subtle, this can make a huge impact on your blog clicks. Most users hate when they click on a hyperlink and it opens in the same window, making them have to click back to go back to the previous menu. This is where you need to step up your game. This is a very simple blogging trick but ensures that your readers spend more time on your website instead of clicking out.

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4. Provide value

Most people go into blogging with the perspective of earning money and blog just for the sake of it. However, this is where you need to stop. You want to blog to provide value to the readers. If the readers don’t find their unique value proposition in the blog, chances are that they will click back before you even realize it. Stuffing keywords is not the only solution. Instead, you need to provide value that readers can implement in their lives.

Sometimes with blogging, you need to bring out your authentic self. If your readers connect well with your blog, chances are that they will become recurring audiences. However, to build that trust and sense of community, you need to do things the right way. And, these hidden tricks can effectively help you achieve that and a lot more without further complications. Just be unique with your approach.

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Smith Joe
1 year ago

Nice tips! Thank you for sharing the amazing post.

Roshan Kumar
2 years ago

Thank you for sharing these hidden tips. Please tell me how I will enhance our e-commerce lifestyle website.