A brief history of emoji and how we use them

Published on December 16th, 2020 by Rahul Kumar Singh

Emoji is a mixture of Japanese words for “character” and “picture.” This small picture or face can hit the exact idea of a person’s mood. Let’s talk a bit about the history of Emoji. The first emoji was designed or created by a legend of Japan, named Shigetaka Kurita. The idea of Emoji came into mind in 1999.

The above-mentioned Japanese artist was an employee and a technician in a Japanese mobile company named NTT DoCoMo. He realized what they were supplying or sending 2-bit small pictures like a Japanese symbol. He then gave the idea of real and actual but little pictures. These were initially about 100 pictures and then added to the internet mobile company’s platform. Finally, all other brands or companies started following this idea, and the Emoji was born.

How did the Emoji come into widespread use?

In the early stage, Apple did not introduce the Emoji Symbols in the iPhones. But soon, Apple had to give this feature of Emoji symbols on public demand. With time, this feature started to come up in the handsets, and the usage of Emoji became popular in the world.

What does Emoji present?

Emoji meaning can be understood by any small icon or image used to express the emotions or ideas of the people. People like to send text Emoji symbols rather than to send a large message by typing. Now, the internet has made everything easier for users. Sometimes, people are tired or frustrated and do not want to do even typing. So text emoji are considered to be used in a better way by the people.

More categories of Emoji symbols:

The users are facilitated with a lot of emoji png images. They can also present an exact emoji meaning. For enjoying a variety of emoji png, you can look for various online tools that help you to download emoji png images easily. For this purpose, you can try emojik.com.

What types of emoji can a person use in a better way?

There are a lot of categories of emoji symbols that every person can use easily. People use these text emoji when they have not much time to type a large message or also to express the mood or emotion they are going through at that time. Let’s list them all:

Smileys and people:

In this category, the user will enjoy all kinds of smileys. Also, the different kinds of people’s faces are available in this category. Some of the most using emoji symbols are listed below:

1. Food and drink:

In this group of emoji, people can easily send a particular food emoji. This technique is also useful if a user does not know the exact name or spelling of a food. Some of them are listed below:

2. Activity:

Suppose that a user is fond of playing and loves sports, then emoji usage becomes more popular and important for him or her. Some of the Activity emoji names are listed as:

3. Travel and places:

This group of icons or little pictures will tell the true meaning of traveling and places using emoji. Some of these are written as an example:

4. Objects:

All kinds of objects can be represented by using emoji. The main problem often the people have to face is that they cannot remember the exact or right name of an object at the spot. So, to get rid of this kind of embarrassing situation, these emoji help the users. Let’s name some of them:

5. Symbols:

Many types of symbols are given in the form of emoji. Some of them are written as an example:

6. Flags:

All kinds of flags are given in the emoji form in this category. If a user wants to mention any country with its identity flag, he or she does not need to worry. The Flag emoji can be used in this way. Some of the flags are given below:

Suggested the best emoji symbols of online tools:


This website will provide a user-friendly interface that every person can use easily. It will provide thousands of emoji symbols. You can reach this free emoji site by navigating to the https://emojik.com/. The user will have to enter the name of the emoji to get its emoji png image instantly. You can find emojis of any major platform easily.

Emoji Finder:

The user can search for emojis to use anywhere on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.


This tool will let the user search little icons or pictures easily.

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2 years ago

Thank you for sharing your experience with Emoji.


Saayed Khan
2 years ago

Hi Rahul,

Thank you for sharing the old memories of Emoji and making old emoji.