How to Create a Website Free of Cost in India (Beginners Guide)

Last updated on August 18th, 2023 by Rahul Kumar Singh

If you are from india and you want to create a website for free then this article is right for you.

You need to find free hosting and a domain to create a free website.  I will show you some top free domain & hosting providers.

Step 1: Purchase Free Domain

The first step I have for you is you need to purchase the free domain at Freenon because freenon is a free domain registrar.

  1. Freenom 

You need to find the free domain registrar website and then register your free domain (

Step 2: Purchase Free Hosting

The second step I have for you is you need to purchase free hosting at any of the free hosting providers. I mentioned two free hosting providers.

  1. 000webhost 
  2. Googiehost

You need to visit website that is listed above (i prefer you go to 000webhost because this is the top free web hosting provider) and then register to get free hosting without any cost.

Read – How to host website in 000webhost

Step 3: Connect Domain and Hosting

The third step I have for you is when you purchased a domain and hosting now you need to connect each other (in youtube there are many videos available for connecting hosting and domain.

  1. Go to the hosting provider
  2. Copy their nameserver / IP address
  3. Paste it on your domain at right place

Step 4: Upload Website Files

The fourth step I have for you is to upload HTML files to hosting then it shows on your website.


Building a website for free is very easy but on the free website, there are many disadvantages this is only for learning purpose.

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3 years ago

Amazing content in beautiful way . THANKS for the valuable information.

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it’s really amazing information. it’s very important articles for beginners who coming in blogging fields thank for providing it

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This website is really very helpful for blogging beginners. Thanks a lot for the Hubsadaa team. please regularly visit this website for the latest updates.

Amazing Knowledge for website creation. I like this article is very helpful in website creation.