Building A New Website? Get Started With These Tips

Published on April 6th, 2021 by Rahul Kumar Singh

Websites enable businesses to have an online presence. This makes it easier to generate new leads and get more customers. For businesses that had their websites developed years ago, the need to build a new one using recent technology is always rife. On the flip side, having a good website is a must for any business that is starting out in the current highly competitive business environment. 

If you are looking to build a new website for your business, here are some useful tips to enable you to do so more effectively: 

1. Make A Site Plan 

Making a site plan is critical in getting started with building a new website. Whether you’re developing the website yourself, or you’re hiring a web designer to do the job, preparing a plan that clearly maps out the site pages you want, enables you to begin figuring out how users will navigate the website. Ideally, a good site plan should include the navigation menu, and a list of subpages and where they lead. This enables you to keep your site organized and you can determine the content pieces you’ll need way before you start developing the site. 

You can find online templates such as SQSPthemes’ templates that can help you organize your website layout and ultimately help with making your site plan. 

2. Have A Short Navigation Menu

A site’s navigation menu is determined by the site plan. As such, you need to think about it as you prepare the plan and keep the options on the menu as minimal as possible. Ideally, a menu bar that has submenus or flows over to two lines is difficult to use and can confuse users. When it comes to navigation menus, the best practice is to ensure that you keep the pages on your top navigation menu below seven. This way, your website will be streamlined well and your visitors will find it easy to find the things they need.

3. Get A Business Domain Name

Often times, little thought is given to the domain name a business uses as they tend to find free versions from website builders. Being your online identity, a quality domain name sends a strong message to your visitors that your business is serious. As such, consider getting a domain name that reflects what your business does. Rather than going for a free version, go for a paid plan that allows you to customize your site’s domain name. 

Once you select and register a domain name for your business, give it time to process and become available online. Often, this takes hours depending on which company provides the domain registration service. 

As you choose a domain name for your business and prepare a navigation menu for your website, have your target audience in mind. Being clear about your audience makes it easier for businesses to build websites that are more focused. It also enables them to build a website that meets their needs for different things, including content. 

4. Ensure Your Site Is Accessible On Mobile Devices

With most people shifting from computers to mobile devices when it comes to browsing the internet, you need to ensure that your visitors can comfortably view your website on their smartphones, laptops, and tablets. The best way to achieve this is to use a responsive web building service that automatically adjusts your website’s content to fit mobile device screens. Pay attention to the font size as you do to ensure they are sizeable enough for people to read without straining.

5. Select Simple Colors And Quality Photos 

When building a new website for your business, go for simple colors as opposed to obnoxious ones. As a matter of fact, the most effective websites are those that utilize simple colors schemes such as white, black, and grey and vary them with small bits of other colors. 

Even as you select your website colors, have your brand colors at the back of your mind. This will ensure that the colors you choose, irrespective of how simple they are, match well with your brand colors. The result of this is a classic site design that looks great in front of your audience. 

Besides the colors, consider using high-quality images to enhance your site’s aesthetics. The danger of using low-quality images on your business website is the fact that they can appear blurry, grainy, and pixelated. If you’re having problems finding quality photos, consider hiring a professional photographer to take some instead of selecting photos from free sites.

6. Leverage White Spaces And Pick Easy-To-Read Fonts

Another important factor to consider when developing a new website is the font type and how legible it us on a computer or mobile devices. While most web designers find decorative fonts fun to work with, you want to ensure that the fonts you use are screen-friendly, clear and easy to read. Where possible, avoid using grey texts as some people might find it too faint and therefore unreadable

When placing content on the web pages, leave some breathing spaces or what is referred to as white space. This is a great way of making the site more easy-to-read and navigate. Building a website that is free of clutter enables visitors to prioritize the information they’re looking for and appears to be more inviting. 

7. Make The Site SEO Friendly

Though most people may not consider filling their sites Search Engine Optimization (SEO) settings, it is critical to do so in order to push organic traffic to the site. Ensure that your titles feature keywords and place some keywords in your content too. Be careful not to stuff too many keywords into your content however, as you don’t want to run into any search engine problems.

Final Thoughts

If you decide to build a new website for your business, you need to ensure that it not only appeals to your target audience, but that it can easily be found by search engines, is easy to navigate, and accessible via mobile devices. As you build a new website for your business, apply the seven tips discussed above to help ensure that you start on the right footing. 

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Robert D
Robert D
2 years ago

Thanks for sharing this website building tips with us.