How to Edit Footer in WordPress (Step by Step Guide)

Do you want to edit your WordPress website footer? If yes then this article is helpful for you because in this article I will show you how to edit footer in WordPress.

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How to Edit Footer in WordPress?

Here are the steps you can follow to edit your WordPress site Footer easily:

Step 1: Login to WordPress Site

The First Step I have for you is Login Your WordPress Backend. Example if your WordPress website URL is then type: to log in on your WordPress site backend.

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Step 2: See Dashboard

The Second Step I have for you is When you successfully logged in on your WordPress backend then you can see your dashboard like this. (see image)

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Step 3: Go to Appearance

The Third Step I have for you is Now Click on the Appearance button that is located on the middle left corner.

how to edit footer in wordpress

Step 4: Appearance > Editor

The Fourth Step I have for you is In Appearance, you need to click on the editor button.

Step 5: Find Footer.php

The Fifth Step I have for you is When you are in Editor you need to find Footer.php file and then click on Footer.php. It is located on the theme files list.

Step 6: Edit Footer > Save 

The Sixth Step I have for you is Now you will edit your footer. when your editing is completed then click on the save changes button.

how to edit footer in wordpress

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Editing Footer in WordPress is not a difficult job because WordPress Site Footer is located  on WP Backend > Appearance > Editor > Footer.php

If you have any issue Regarding “How to Edit Footer in WordPress” then please drop your comment. I am waiting for your comment.

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