Top SEO Basics You Need to Learn to Win the SERP War in 2020

Published on February 19th, 2020 by Guest Author

SEO is evolving and therefore, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest tips and strategies to stay ahead in the competition. Tactics that worked years ago fail to do so because today optimization is a more smart discipline that has gone past mere spamming search engines like Google or Bing with keywords (KWs) and links. There are modern tactics such as competitor gap assessment, KW gap evaluation, and boosting your website traffic through organic means. 

The four fundamental elements of SEO are keywords and search term targeting, search volumes behind KWs, traffic generated through organic search, and conversions after looking for the targeted search phrases. Again, the real techniques surrounding SEO are content, on-page optimization, link building, and of course technical SEO. When you progress with your SEO campaign, ensure that these parameters are leveraged adequately, so that you can launch a current campaign or expand the same. 

According to an article published on HuffPost, quality content that is useful and informative matters a lot in SEO. Then, how do you figure out which content is great and which sucks? Well, there are metrics such as machine rating, engagement levels, and link assessment. Read on to learn more about some of the top SEO tricks in 2020. 

KW and KW targeting 

Even a decade back, keywords were all that marketers had and KW targeting meant creating web pages depending on precise search phrases and their optimization. The content churned out would require building up around the KWs. When you advance with optimization techniques, you can technically incorporate KW synonyms and relevant search phrases in a way to boost your website’s ranking in the search results. 

The difficulty with KWs, though, is that they could turn out to be unnecessary, too recurring, and you could run out of SEO challenges when it comes to industry-focused KWs. When it comes to the method of KW optimization, it used to be implemented by: 

For instance, possibly you have performed KW research, discovered the best-performing search phrases with respect to search volume, designed a web page for the KWs, and ascertained those KWs were inter-merged all through the content in view of that. Now, this is one way to go about it. 

Let us not overlook the diverse kinds of KWs, which are several. The objectives of these KWs would vary based on how you would like to move forward with your New York SEO Company campaign. The various KW types are Head KWs, money KWs, short tail KWs, longtail KWs, supporting search terms, KW synonyms, branded KWs, broad match and phrase match KWs, negative KWs, and exact match KWs. 

Topics and entities 

Of late, there has been a significant drift from KWs to topics as well as entities. When your KWs are precise words or phrases, you can take into account topics that are perceived as wider concepts and terms. Now, let us talk about entities. As far as entities are concerned, they mean persons, places, as well as things. 

Again, three essential ranking aspects are links, content, and RankBrain and entity is something that is inimitable, unique, well-defined, noticeable, and outstanding. That is the reason why it is imperative that your business website is optimized with KWs, topics, and entities. 

Best-quality content 

Does Google’s algorithm have problems as far as determining whether your web page content is of the best quality or not? Yes, it has!

In all-purpose, when it comes to high-quality content, it is something that helps in improving the performance and efficiency of your website. However, it takes on diverse forms based on numerous characteristics or features associated with your marketing campaign. It includes what has happened to your website before, your site’s niche industry, the overall competition in your industry, what is happening to your website currently, and of course what role Google’s algorithm has to play when it comes to your site’s ranking in the SERPs. 

You will find industry discrepancy when it comes to SEO. It happens for sure and no qualm about the same. You must adopt an open approach when it comes to your optimization tactics, and not mull over that at one time, you had learned a tactic, and you are done with the same. 

When it comes to industry standards, it varies. It could be as unique as the business website itself. The way you determine about these standards is what matters and you must be performing a competitor gap assessment.

As far as a competitor gap analysis is concerned, it helps you to figure out what you should do to improve your site’s those rankings in the SERPs compared to your business competitor. You can read up online literature and learn more about competitor gap analysis. 

The things you would like to achieve from the competitor gap assessment entail insights such as your competitor’s content, word count, posting frequency, competitor’s site rankings, on-page and technical SEO, and of course the link profiles of your competitors in business. 

Industry research

Doing industry research becomes mandatory if you are unsure about your client’s industry. The key source of industry-related information is your client. You must ask specific questions related to your client’s industry and factors that you should be aware of to run the SEO campaign. 

The next thing you need to do is to determine the optimization components your competitor is employing to make the best out of their search efficiency or performance.

If you could consider boosting rankings as well as website organic traffic as a key element of SEO, then the competitor gap assessment is a major aspect of determining the subsequent steps in your optimization campaign.

After having a sound understanding of the industry, and delineating your industry parameters, you would like to go ahead with a website assessment. It would help you figure out what SEO tactics have been used before and what’s being done currently. Accordingly, you can leverage the right SEO strategies to boost a site’s rankings in the SERPs. 

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Final words

Now that you have these tips handy, you can use them to drive quality traffic, enhance rankings in the SERPs, and boost conversions, and eventually sales.

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Ria Sharma
Ria Sharma
3 years ago

Great, I am a freelancer and want to improve my SEO skills You made the things light and easy to understand for newbies like me I really appreciate your knowledge and support through this blog post. Thank you very much your content is truly a gem for newbies.

Prasson Agrawal
3 years ago

The content given by them was amazing. It is very difficult to win the SEO Competition in 2020. And you have explained very well. Keep it up.