Top SEO Tasks that You Shouldn’t Ignore for Your Blog Post

Last updated on September 18th, 2022 by Rahul Kumar Singh

Today I am very Happy Because I will share the Top SEO Tasks That You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring For Your Blog Post.

I’ve been blogging since 2008 and have seen very closely how it evolved during these 11 years. I saw many ups and downs in my blogging career. 

Google rewarded as well as punished me for my SEO practices. I remember when my blog received more than half a million visitors in just one day and the very next day Google Panda update came into effect and from half a million traffic dropped to a few thousand page views. 

Making a blog post rank on Google’s first page and earning money with it, is not that hard if we do it in a proper way.

In the last 10 years, I have lived through all the major updates like Panda, Penguin, and Humming Bird from Google.  

So from my 10+ years of experience, I am in a position to tell you what does Google like when it comes to SEO and what it doesn’t?

You may be surprised to know that after so many years what I came to learn is, that SEO is very simple and you got to do just a few basic things right. Nothing Fancy! 

So Following are the 6 top SEO tasks you should never ignore for your blog post. 

Many bloggers tend to overlook them and go for another fancy top kind of strategy. Don’t do that. 

Here are the 6 top SEO tasks:

1. Basic Keyword Research

New bloggers underestimate the power of keyword research. Before noting anything else Google will notice your website with the help of keywords first. So choose keywords that people are searching for on Google.

Most searched keywords are very competitive and difficult to rank for new bloggers. 

Hence go for long-tail keywords in your niche which are less searched but easy to rank. 

My experience says more targeted and narrowed-down objective keywords in a given niche rank faster than General subjective keywords. 

It is because big players are already dominating highly-searched subjective keywords. So to beat them, go for long-tail objective keywords with fewer searches. 

Once you are established and build some authority in your niche then you can definitely start targeting popular keywords. 

Following the right strategy is very important for keyword research.  

2. Very Engaging Content

Another important overlooked aspect of SEO is content. Back in 2008, you could have written anything and Google was all OK to rank it on the first page. 

In those days bloggers didn’t care about the content because they were into SEO only. 

This won’t work in 2019! You can’t write anything and expect Google to rank just because you are some SEO guru. Your content must be engaging and readers must love to read your articles. 

Google can easily find out whether readers coming to your website are really enjoying your content or just bouncing back in a few seconds. 

So there is no alternative to great content. No SEO strategy can replace quality content. In other words, great content in itself is a very effective SEO strategy.     

3. Simple On-Page SEO Tasks  

Although great content is more than enough for On-Page SEO you need to take care of other On-Page SEO also. 

Don’t overcomplicate it and do the basics. 

  • Include keywords in the title tag, URL, image alt text and wherever throughout the content of your blog. Keywords must be relevant to the topic of your blog. 
  • Link back pages to their main category page. You can also link back to its subcategory page. 
  • Link back web pages to its homepage through an image link showing in a logo on the top left of the page. 
  • Categorizing your blog posts and interlinking them through the right anchor texts would be great. 
  • Structure your entire website content in silos. 

This will help Google to identify your blog very easily. Bloggers probably already know this but they tend to ignore it. 

4. Promotion on Social Media and Community Network

Social media is not new to SEO but bloggers never took it seriously back then. However, today promoting your blog on Social Media is one of the most important SEO strategies. 

All the seasoned bloggers are using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc to promote their websites with social media marketing strategies.

If you got thousands of subscribers on YouTube and followers on Twitter then Google will be quick to rank your website over your competitors. 

Social media is a great way to have an edge over your competitors.   

Moreover, you also got to be very active in your community and collaborate with your fellow bloggers. A new blogger can rise quickly if he/she is very active in the community. 

Social media helps bloggers to establish their credentials in the eyes of Google.   

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5. Only Quality Backlinks

Bloggers are crazy about Backlinks. They are going to do anything to get as many as possible. And this is where they go wrong. The numbers, compromise quality. 

To keep it simple just understand Google hates quantity but loves quality. 

Organic quality relevant backlinks are what Google loves. Google will be quick to penalize your website if it is getting links from sites with irrelevant content.  

The best way to get quality backlinks for free is through guest posts. Find out top-quality websites/blogs in your niche and write informative guest posts for them. In return, they will give you a link back from their site to your website in the author bio.  

It is free and that simple. 

You really don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on buying software for creating so many backlinks. Google will not like it. 

6. Track and Analyze Reports then Take Action Accordingly

Although the last one is not a task but a very important tip to get the best out of your SEO efforts. 

Tracking and analyzing reports on a consistent basis is very important. New bloggers don’t bother to analyze reports on a regular basis because they want quick results. 

Tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush allow you to track your website and find out 

  1. kind of traffic it is receiving, 
  2. kind of backlinks, 
  3. For what keywords you are ranking etc

If there is something wrong with backlinks (like they are broken or spam) then you can quickly remove them and fix your site. 

Consistently track your website’s performance and take action accordingly. 

This perhaps the top SEO tasks that bloggers shouldn’t ignore.

Finally, I would say you don’t have to do anything fancy with your SEO, just keep it simple. Google is going to love it. 

Thanks to Mitali Roy for providing the great article.

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Hello friends, I am Rahul, chief editor of HubsAdda. Talking about Tech. I enjoy learning new things related to technology. I love coding 😍

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Andrew Campbel
Andrew Campbel
4 years ago

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4 years ago

this is a great information about SEO , thanks for sharing this sharing with us..

jaspal kaur
4 years ago

this is a great article about SEO , thanks for sharing this article with us..

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4 years ago

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4 years ago

good work, it’s value able information for me. Thanks for sharing the seo tactics for increase the traffic of website. appreciate your efforts.

Sally J
Sally J
4 years ago

A simple and effective steps that make any novice understand the basic idea behind SEO and few tips about which areas to focus primarily..

I’m not an SEO nor am aware of it apart from its abbreviation.. but I am now required to work on this in hard way .. which is really a dead zone most of the time.

I’ll be following these posts to know better and work up my way through..

Arun Kumar
4 years ago

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