Four blogging mistakes to avoid in 2021

Whether it’s through WordPress or Squarespace, thousands of people are blogging. Creating a blog is not only a way of improving your writing and sharing your thoughts with an audience on a topic of your choice, but it’s also a way of earning a living or an extra bit of money for people. It needs to be done correctly, though.

Of course, not all blogs turn out to be lucrative, with some failing to earn any money at all. First and foremost, content is key. If your blog’s content is lacking, then you’ll fail to attract readers which, in turn, will hinder your prospects when it comes to securing any advertising deals.

Sadly, though, some blogs stand out for all the wrong reasons. We’ve had countless examples of horrific blogging mistakes which have led to the demise of some talented writers and the overall decline of some popular blogs. Blogging can be a tough gig, especially if you make mistakes along the way.

With that in mind, here are some blogging mistakes to avoid in 2021.

Create posts for your audience, not for you 

When you start up a blog, you’ll generally find yourself sharing content around things that interest you and enable you to get writing. As you build up a following, though, it’s vitally important to keep your audience in mind at all times when considering future topics. Just because a blog idea interests you, doesn’t mean it will interest your readers. Assess your target audience, stay up to date with on-trend topics, and look to build your content around that. Never lose sight of your audience and what appeals to them.

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Write like you talk

There’s no use in starting a blog if it’s hard to read and comes with an array of language that the average reader will need Google to understand, which is why it certainly helps to write as you talk. People want to feel like they’re reading content produced by like-minded people, which is why it pays to write like a real person and in a style that is effortless to read. It will only serve your blog well moving forward. The blogs that are personable generally do the best.

Don’t forget to post

There’s absolutely no use in setting up a blog if you aren’t going to keep it updated. That in itself is a blogging mistake to avoid as you’ll be offering up a stagnant and lifeless blog to people. Come up with a content plan, stick to it, and not only will it be a lot easier for you to manage, but you’ll potentially reap the rewards too. It’s impossible to have a successful blog if you share content once every few months.

Give your audience something to walk away with

We touched on this above, but it’s important to make sure that your blog will offer something different to what is already out there. The world of blogging is incredibly saturated, therefore making it even more important that you make your blog stick out. A popular way of winning people round and offering some original content is by creating posts from your own particular experience or advice on certain issues, perhaps in the form of “how-to” blog posts or suggesting a particular tool or product to use.

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  1. Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog post with us. As an affiliate marketer, it’s vital to understand our audience and create content that targets them. I like your first point: create a post for the audience not for you that is interesting. something we sit on writing forget it. we would be looking forward to some more interesting blogging tips.

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    Anoop Gupta


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