How to Create a Gravatar (Set Profile Picture in WordPress)

Are you looking for How to set a gravatar or how to set profile picture in WordPress? If yes then this tutorial is especially for you because in this tutorial I will show you How to Create a Gravatar and How to set on WordPress.

How to Create a Gravatar?

Step 1: Go to Gravatar

The First Step I have for you is to go to gravatar official website from your browser or click here

Step 2: Click on Create your Own Gravatar

The Second Step I have for you click on Create your own Gravatar Button (see image below)

Step 3: Login with WordPress Account

The Third Step I have for you is when you clicked on Create Your Own Gravatar Button Now you need to log in with your WordPress account. If you don’t have WordPress account then sign up to continue.

Step 4: Click on Add a new Image

The Fourth Step I have for you is when you logged in to gravatar then you need to click on Add a new image link that is located in the below-left corner.

Step 5: Upload New

The Fifth Step I have for you click on Upload New Box.


Step 6: Browse and then Click on Next

The Sixth Step I have for you is Click on Browser and then browse your image from the computer and then click on the next button to submit.

Step 7: Adjust and then click on Crop Image

The Seventh Step I have for you is Adjust your image and when the image fit then you need to click on Crop Image Button.

Step 8: Choose Rating then Click Set Rating

The Eighth Step I have for you is choose Rating (I suggest you choose first one suitable for all website) and then Click on Set Rating Button.

Now your Gravatar will be set. It looks like this in author section (see image Below).


The are many benefits of Gravatar like when you write comment WordPress website then your image will be showing and when you write the article on WordPress website then in author bio your image will be Shown.

If you have any problem in setting up your image in gravatar then feel free to ask me on the comment box.

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