Snipping Tool For Mac | Is there a Snipping tool for Mac?

Snipping Tool For Mac | Is there a Snipping tool for Mac?

Is there a snipping tool for Mac, ofcourse not in Mac device, but there are two commands available and one app that are similar to snipping tools that you can use to take a screenshot like snipping tool.

When you need to capture a screenshot quickly using inbuild systems without any external software.  So Let’s Begin:

When you are watching something on your Mac device you will see something special so you want to capture some entire screen or full screen.

What is the snipping tool for mac & best snipping tool for mac?

This answer is Snip or using Keyboard.

3 Methods to take a screenshot like snipping tool for mac:

In that method, you can use your keyboard to take a screenshot like the snipping tool. So the first method is

1. Command + Shift + 3: Take Entire ScreenShoot

Full Screen

The first method I have for you is If you want to take the entire screenshot means all the thing shown on the screen will be captured. So you can press Command + Shift + 3  to easily take a screenshot, but in some mac device, it’s not working so don’t worry check your update or go and check MacUpdate and try.

2. Command + Shift + 4: Take Some Specific ScreenShot

Snipping Tool For Mac

The second method I have for you is If you are browsing anything on the internet or any apps & games you want to save some specific screen or you want to take half screenshot, active window or custom areas. So you can press Command + Shift + 4 to take a screenshot, but you also remember if your mac device is updated then this function is working on your Mac laptop.

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3. Snip: Mac Application to take a ScreenShot  on active window or custom areas

The Third Method I have for you is using Snip App to take a Screenshot on Active Window Entire Page or Custom Area. Download snipping tool for Mac alternative Snip is a free application that is available on Mac Store.

So, How to install Snip on your Mac device:

  1. Visit the Mac Apps Store 
  2. Go to Apps Section
  3. Now Search “Snip”
  4. Install the Snip tool Easily


If you have any confusion please watch this video it helps you to understand more about this topic.

I hope you guys like this article or your problem is solved if you have any queries about this please comment I will reply soon.

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