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Social Warfare Review: The Best Social Sharing Plugin For WordPress

If you are searching for a lightweight, fast and effective complete social sharing plugin for your WordPress blog then your search ends here after reading this Social Warfare Review.

Today we are going to talk about the best social sharing plugin name Social Warfare for WordPress which will help you to increase more social traffic, engagement and more responsive.

What is social warfare plugin?

Social warfare is a social sharing plugin for WordPress blogs.

It is very simple and lightweight and loaded with lots of amazing helpful features that you can use for making your blog more responsive so that people will engage more with the blog and this will increase the social traffic.

Social traffic is considered as the easiest way to get a big amount of traffic to your blog or website using social platforms like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Why use social warfare plugin?

If you are familiar with SEO optimization techniques where you have to optimize your blog so that it can be ranked in google search results.

There are many other SEO techniques but from them, this technique is the simplest and most effective technique.

There are many social sharing plugins in the market available for free so why to use social warfare?

Social warfare is considered as the most effective and simple plugin which will easily install in your WordPress blog and will drive good traffic from the social platforms with the help of its amazing features.

The problem with the free plugins in the market is that they don’t show any positive result in the increase of social traffic and blog performance and using it may also provide a bad user experience which will lead to the traffic bounce on your blog.

so it is better to use the tried and tested method to increase the social traffic.

How social traffic will increase?

Social traffic is the traffic which drives from social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

we know WhatsApp is not a social media app but it has the power to connect with huge traffic and the chance of going viral on WhatsApp is more.

When you don’t have installed any social sharing plugin on your blog then when people will read your content and if they liked the content so much that they want to let know their acquaintances also but they don’t see any option to share your content and not all your traffic will be tech geek who will find and share the link.

So here comes social warfare in the picture.

Social warfare provides a wide range of social share buttons of the popular social media platform so that anyone who will be interested in sharing the content can easily share it with the social buttons in just a few seconds.

So this will increase the user experience also with the social traffic as sharing will make your blog to reach to many people and they will try to come on your blog to read the content and if they will like it then they will share too.

This will do free marketing of your content and you don’t have to do any hardware to get your content visible to the people.

Now we know why social warfare can help you to increase the blog or website traffic effectively.

Its time to know more in detail about the features of social warfare.

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Social warfare features review

  • Available for free

Social warfare is available in the free version where you will be restricted to use only a few features like limited buttons to 6 social buttons, fewer customization options, etc.

unless you want to expand your blog you can work with the free version because the small blog will not require advanced features in the start and when you will notice that your blog is growing you can easily shift to the pro version and unlock the advanced features.

  • Pro version

The pro version comes with all the features of the free version plus the advance features unlocked in the pro version.

You will get a number of social share buttons such as WhatsApp, tumbler, Reddit and many more.

Other than basic placement position of the buttons you have the option of “hover buttons” which will hover over the monitor screen and will be in the view of people so they will share your content more.

Other than this you will get lots of customization options to the buttons.

However, the Pro version will cost you some fee but Thankfully you can grab a huge discount on Social Warfare by using the exclusive discount code.

  • click-to-tweet

This is one of the amazing features of social warfare as you can be able to easily tweet any quotes present in the article to your tweeter handle.

This makes more people share the content of your blog to their tweeter account and will make your content go viral.

  • Popular post

In social warfare, you have the feature to display the most popular post of your blog to the people.

The post will most like, tweets and pins will be displayed to your blog in the right sidebar.

  • Pinterest pin button

Other cool features are its pin button which will appear when you will hover over an image of your post and you will see the option to pin the image to the Pinterest community.

This will increase more reach of your post and will drive good traffic to your blog.

Here are the top features which you will get in social warfare plugin for WordPress blogs and websites.

Pros and cons of social warfare


  • Lightweight for a WordPress blog
  • Easy and quick to install the plugin
  • Will not make your blog run slow
  • Fully optimized to load buttons quickly
  • Free version available
  • Provides noticeable results


  • Will have to buy a subscription to receive updates
  • Have a lot of restriction on the free version
  • Sometimes it may conflict with other plugins


My final review on social warfare plugin is that it is the most effective plugin.

I have been using for many years and if you want to expand your blog and want to see amazing results then go for pro version as you will get huge customization features with which you can play.

By Rahul Kumar Singh

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