Squarespace Free Trial – 30 Days Full Access

Squarespace is a one-stop tool for creating a website without coding knowledge.

Use the below link to grab the Squarespace free trial of a personal or business account.

Are you looking for a free Squarespace trial? If yes, this article is especially for you because in this article I will show you how to get a Squarespace trial with step by step guide.

Squarespace is a simple and drag-and-drop website builder. There is no need for coding experience to create an amazing website however Squarespace is not free, so some users want to try Squarespace without paying. That’s why I am here with this free trial guide.

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a drag-and-drop website builder, that creates a customizable website or online store with an all-in-one solution. Choose a website customizable template and launch your website instantly.

It comes with many design tools to make your website look eye-catching.

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Features of Squarespace:

  • Website Builder
  • Customizable Templates
  • Pre-Built Layouts
  • Customizable Page and Content Layouts
  • Content Types
  • Duplicate Pages and Content
  • Design Tools
  • Universal asset uploading
  • Asset picker
  • Upload photos from mobile
  • Custom CSS
  • Passwords & Page Locks
  • Commenting System
  • Multiple Contributors and Access Levels
  • Custom Redirects
  • Custom Site Search Engine
  • Built-in Mobile Websites
  • AMP Integration

These are the top features of Squarespace, you can explore all features at the Squarespace website.

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Here is how to get a Squarespace Free Trial:

1. Open the Squarespace website

The first step I have for you is to open the Squarespace website using this link. You will see a page like this 👇

Squarespace free trial

2. Click on Get Started button

When you are on the Squarespace trial page using the above link the second step I have for you is to click on the “Get Started” button located in the top right corner.

Squarespace free trial

3. Select best template

The third step I have for you is to skip all questions and select the best template you like, you need to click on Start with (template name)

4. Create Account

The fourth step I have for you is now you need to create an account using Google or you can use email to sign up.

Squarespace free trial

5. Customise website and subscribe

The fifth step I have for you is when you successfully signed up to squarespace now you need to customise the website according to your needs. After that click on the subscribe button located below to choose a plan and make your website live.

Squarespace free trial


Does Squarespace have a free trial?

Yes, Squarespace currently offers a 14-day free trial to new users. No credit card is required to create a website.

Is Squarespace 100% free?

No, Squarespace is not 100% free however they offer a free trial to new customers.

Is there a free version of Squarespace?

No, there is no free version of Squarespace. If you want you can try Squarespace free for 14 days without a credit card.

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