VidIQ Free Trial: 3 Months Full Access

VidIQ is a one-stop resource for SEO and keeping track of your YouTube channel’s performance.

Most YouTubers use VidIQ on their Youtube channel to grow faster but VidIQ is not completely free. So many users didn’t try the VidIQ premium plan because of pricing.

So today in this article you’ll learn how to get VidIQ free trial.

What is VidIQ?

VidIQ is a certified Youtube channel management toolkit. VidIQ comes with many features that help youtube creators make their work simple and easy. The best feature of VidIQ is it comes with a free plan for beginners.

Features of VidIQ:

VidIQ comes with many features for youtube channel management and growth. Some of the popular features are listed below:

  • Scorecard for motivation
  • Keywords tools for research
  • Competitor analyses
  • Trend alerts
  • Competitor views
  • Productivity tools
  • Auto thumbnail generator
  • Full channel audit
  • Real time subscriber count and views

How to get VidIQ Free Trial?

Time needed:ย 2 minutes.

Here is how to get 3 months VidIQ completely free trial:

  1. Click here to activate the free trial coupon

    The first step I have for you is to click here to go to the VidIQ page with a free trial coupon.

  2. Now, signup or login

    The second step I have for you is when you are at the VidIQ homepage, if you have an account then log in and if you don’t have an account then signup.

  3. Click on upgrade

    The third step I have for you is when you logged in to VidIQ. Now click on the upgrade button (located on top navigation). If you did not find the upgrade button then click here to directly visit to upgrade page.

  4. Choose Plan

    The fourth step I have for you is when you are on the upgrade page now you need to choose any plan (for example click on the upgrade to pro or boost button)

  5. Fill in card details

    The fifth step I have for you is when you click on upgrade to pro/boost then you have to enter your card details and after that click on the checkout button.

If you follow all steps properly then you will get a vidiq free trial.

Disclaimer – 3-month free trial is only available for some users and for the first time. So it’s your responsibility to check offers on the vidiq website.

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3 thoughts on “VidIQ Free Trial: 3 Months Full Access”

  1. Hi Rahul,

    It was an amazing review! I have recently started a YouTube channel to gain some exposure from the platform and promote my business as well. Many of my friends suggested that I try VidIQ, and I found your review! Thanks a lot for sharing all the relevant information about this tool, and information about the free trial as well. Since I am new to YoutUb,e I am thinking about testing the tool first and then investing in it. I really appreciate you sharing about this free trial, it will help me a lot.

  2. I have used Vidiq for a while and even subscribed to a paid version. Now, I’m still using it on a trial. I would definitely recommend it and if you want to speed up in YouTube journey, definitely use it – it will help a lot. Especially with keyword research, where you can see if you are ranking for specific keywords in top 5 positions or you want to steal keywords from your competitors.
    I think Vidiq is a better tool compared to Tube Buddy.


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