6 Cool VPN Hacks that you should know about in 2021

Can we still talk VPNs without bringing up the usual anonymity and privacy-centric gibberish?

We can and this is why we shall keep this discussion restricted to some cool VPN hacks that can actually help you save money, get better entertainment options, and even get away with forum comments. 

That’s not it as VPN as a resource is a massive enabler. However, we shall touch upon certain elusive and underrated benefits in the subsequent sections. Nevertheless, if we end up being verbose and start enlisting the generic traits of VPN at some point, feel free to pick our brain in the comments section.

Have you ever come across comments on Quora, Reddit, and even Facebook where the user name is anonymous? If yes, then you should know that this is quite a common practice, mostly followed by people who speak their minds over social platforms. Besides, social media is a breeding ground for bullies and you might be forced to hide your identity for obvious reasons.

This is what a premium VPN can help you achieve. Besides, staying anonymous is usually preferred by video uploaders and publishers as they do not want to get embroiled in copyright-centric issues. Therefore, the best way to achieve this kind of flexibility is by relying on a credible and well-reviewed VPN.

However, you need to make sure that the VPN client has a Kill Switch and the comments or videos fail to publish if and when the connection breaks. Besides, as the IP address is masked, someone trying to trace your steps back to the point of origin would end up in a completely different location.

2. Get Better Online Deals

Most eCommerce websites and online travel agents have automated setups and algorithms in place that allow them to price certain products differently and according to geographic prominence. For instance, websites detect the customers and often modify the product pricing based on the quality of living in a particular country or province.

Therefore, with a VPN, you can access the same website from a different server, located in an underdeveloped country or area. This way, you can get hold of fairer prices and better deals and websites wouldn’t want to lose out on customers and will end up offering the best offers to you, believing that you aren’t from an affluent country.

3. Access Restricted Websites

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and perceive this hack with a grain of salt. Needless to say, there are several countries with imposing internet censorship laws to account for. Besides, if you are in a country with restrictions and looking to access a website that pertains to another country that isn’t actually accommodative towards international access, only a VPN can help get better of this double whammy.

Besides, if you are in China, a VPN can help you access the content behind the firewall, only if there is a TOR browser to work with.

4. Faster Internet

Did you know that VPNs have it in them to increase the speed of your existing internet connections? If you do not believe this, keep reading on. Firstly, certain VPNs have the channel bonding technology in play, which allows you to surf and access media at higher speeds, precisely by bonding Wi-Fi connections with mobile data. Then again, the entire potential of this service is best experienced if you have a premium VPN client in play.

Moreover, accessing torrents and downloading stuff while being on a spree doesn’t always bode well for you as the ISP might throttle the speeds upon encountering exorbitant usage. This grimace can be handled perfectly if there is a VPN to rely on. With the IP masked, even the ISP will not be able to determine the torrenting whereabouts.

Therefore, the next time you plan on troubleshooting buffering problems on Firestick, Roku, Apple TV 4K, or any other streaming device, try connecting via a VPN. In most cases, the speeds associated with the streaming devices are throttled deliberately by the ISP, which slows down torrenting and OTT streaming.

For streaming devices, the problems are way more pronounced as even a cybersecurity attack might slow down the speeds and lead to buffering. Not just that, certain devices like the Fire TV Cube and Chromecast even show signs of throttling owing to a cyberattack, which might end up slowing the streaming speeds. Regardless of the issues at hand, using a premium VPN is what works best for you. 

However, it is advisable to opt for a VPN with split tunneling support, so that you can only use the stealth mode for select activities while the usual traffic is directed via the standard private network.

5. Free Streaming

Are you planning to watch the new Justice League: Snyder’s Cut but your region doesn’t support HBO Max? For DC lovers, this restriction is virtually maddening unless they know how to use VPN services for accessing elusive streaming content that spans across continents.

VPN allows you to access content that is country-restricted as you can always rely on a location-centric server to get the job done. Therefore, with a VPN that has a server in the United States, you can very well-install HBO Max or any other restricted streaming application and start enjoying content, right away.

6. Free Calls

Did you know Skype calls to a different country are chargeable? If you weren’t aware of this minor financial setback, fret not as you can always rely on a VPN that works. With a reliable VPN client, you can mask the IP and choose a country-centric server to make international calls. However, not every VPN supports voice calling and you need to pick one after extensive researches.

While these are some of the coolest VPN hacks to consider, the list doesn’t actually end here. In most cases, a paid VPN comes forth as a reliable gaming asset, allowing you to minimize the latency and lags during multiplayer online role-playing games.

Not just that, VPNs also help you stay away from marketing emails, which might be phishing attacks on the device. Besides, if you are into online dating and not looking to buy the premium Tinder membership that allows round-the-globe access, a VPN is a good way to increase your chances of getting matched with the soul mate. 

Lastly, if you have the habit of logging onto the private Wi-Fi of your favorite café, only a VPN will have your back, offering the requisite protection against diverse cyberattacks. 

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