WordPress Vs Blogger: Which one is Better?

Last updated on September 18th, 2023 by Rahul Kumar Singh

Looking to create the best website and am confused about choosing between WordPress and Blogger. Don’t worry today in this article I will show you all the differences between WordPress and Blogger.

Blogger is a Google product and fully free CMS there are no hosting charges or anything other.

Creating a dynamic website is possible with WordPress but in Blogger not possible.

WordPress site is a dynamic site and blogger site is a completely static site

So, these are some basic differences between WordPress and Blogger, Now is the time to show all the differences between WordPress and Blogger.

WordPress Vs Blogger: Features

Easy theme system Customize your design
Simplicity Simple-to-use interface
Media management Add photos and videos
Search engine optimized Free website
Easy installation and upgrades Feedback from your readers

WordPress vs. Blogger: Pros and Cons

Pros of WordPress:

  • WordPress is open-source. So you don’t need any license for using for commercial purposes.
  • No hard installation process.
  • Most hosting providers support WordPress separately apart from regular PHP support.
  • The support community is great for both technical and non-technical assistance.
  • Has a big community and market share.
  • Has a lot of developers.

Cons of WordPress:

  • The code of WordPress is not as strong as that of Drupal, but better than that of Joomla. 
  • With the growth of your site, WordPress simultaneously requires significant server resources to go on. 
  • It’s quite hard to change the framework of WordPress, which causes more or fewer troubles for people who are about to make back-end changes. 

Pros of Blogger:

  • Doesn’t require coding skills to build a blog.
  • No need to purchase hosting space. (almost 100% uptime).
  • Easy AdSense integration.
  • Can make your custom template.
  • Use custom domain setup for free.
  • Easily linked to Google Analytics webmaster tools.

Cons of Blogger

  • Lesser number of plugins/widgets.
  • Bad permalink structure of post pages with year & month.
  • ‘Blog archive’ and ‘label’ pages are not SEO friendly.
  • Media files PDF, word docs, etc, can’t be uploaded on the blogger server.

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WordPress Vs Blogger: Popular Websites

TechCrunch The Hacker News
Bloomberg Amusing Planet
BBC America Similar tech
The New Yorker Wappalyzer
Sony Music WhatRuns

Did you know? TechCrunch, Bloomberg, BBC America Use WordPress CMS – Tweet this

WordPress Vs Blogger: Experts Opinion

Lachlan Dibbs – Writer at Logo Orbit

Which one did you choose between WordPress vs Blogger and Why?

When it comes to productivity, I’ll go with WordPress as it offers a bunch of customization with more control over content management and availability of tools. Whereas, blogger offers limited access with almost no utility of plug-ins. It depends on your requirement whether you need a platform to publish a blog or require a CMS (Content Management System) to develop a site.

WordPress Vs Blogger - Voted to WordPress

Swati Chalumuri – Founder of Hearmefolks

Which one did you choose between WordPress vs Blogger and Why?

Using WordPress is a no-brainer. I started out with Blogger 10 years ago but moving to WordPress.org has upped my blogging standards and income drastically. fell in love with the flexibility, customization capabilities, additional functionalities, and ease of use of WordPress platform. even sell products and services with just one-click on WordPress.

WordPress Vs Blogger - Voted to WordPress

Jackie owen – Founder of Techjackie

Which one did you choose between WordPress vs Blogger and Why?

I prefer WordPress because of it’s so easy to scale a WordPress site and because I’m the one who is in control of everything, it makes things much easier. With loads of themes and plug-ins which provide customization and endless possibilities of adding advance functionalities to the website, WordPress can be more than just a normal blog. With hosting and domain plans becoming cheaper, and lots of tutorials on WordPress, initial set up cost and complexity is not a problem anymore.

WordPress Vs Blogger - Voted to WordPress

Yaniv Masjedi – Co-Founder of Nextiva

Which one did you choose between WordPress vs Blogger and Why?

With the resources at our fingertips to work with professionals who can manage WordPress properly, we absolutely leverage the customization potential of WordPress. Still, one must acknowledge that it’s no easy feat!

WordPress Vs Blogger - Voted to WordPress

Marko Saric – Founder of HowtoMakeMyBLog

Which one did you choose between WordPress vs Blogger and Why?

I use and love WordPress myself. It is the platform that gives me the full control of my site. I can create whatever I want in terms of design, content presentation, monetization and everything else.

WordPress Vs Blogger - Voted to WordPress

Shehraj Singh – Founder of Yostarter

Which one did you choose between WordPress vs Blogger and Why?

If you want to Blog professionally then, WordPress is my first choice. But, if you are guy, how can limit his growth for the sake of a few bugs. Then, Go with Blogger. Moreover, Matt Cutts, Head of Google Web Spam team also use WordPress to power their own blog.

WordPress Vs Blogger - Voted to WordPress

Jeremy Ong – Founder of Hustlr

Which one did you choose between WordPress vs Blogger and Why?

We choose to use WordPress as we heavily rely on many plugins to implement SEO strategies and design features. The plugins on WordPress are invaluable to our business strategy and provides us great flexibility in setting up our website exactly like the way we want.

WordPress Vs Blogger - Voted to WordPress

Rob – Founder of SEOBetter

Which one did you choose between WordPress vs Blogger and Why?

I would use WordPress for a blog with added features, as I have used it for years and I know what plugins to install to optimize my website. If I wanted a blogging platform that was easy to set up for something simple like blogging about my latest overseas trip, something I could set up easily I would choose Blogger.

WordPress Vs Blogger - Voted to WordPress

Lisamarie Monaco – Founder of PinnacleQuote

Which one did you choose between WordPress vs Blogger and Why?

Why I choose WordPress is simple. As I mentioned, they are a full content management system. For what I do daily, this is a must. Also, I generate natural leads by writing articles and using WordPress as my primary tool. Their plugins and updates are on point and help with the ease of the website.

Voted to WordPress

Nick Galov – Founder of Hostingtribunal

Which one did you choose between WordPress vs Blogger and Why?

In short, for casual and newbie bloggers looking to get their feet wet in the world of blogging, Blogger will suit you just fine. But if you are looking for more functionality, infinite customization and full ownership of your content, WordPress is better in the long run, so that would be my choice.

WordPress Vs Blogger - Voted to WordPress

Oksana Chyketa – Marketer at Albacross

Which one did you choose between WordPress vs Blogger and Why?

I have used both: Blogger and WordPress.org. It’s easier to start and manage a blog on Blogger. Just a few clicks and you are free to publish your content right away. With WordPress, it’s a bit different and definitely more complicated. But considering the fact that there are tons, I mean TONS, of tutorials on how to build your site on WordPress CMS, even newbies can do this with their eyes closed.

But honestly, which among the two is the best? I get it when someone prefers Blogger over WordPress. But for me WordPress is perfect. I don’t feel like I have to stick to a particular theme, font, colors, etc. With my basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, I can do almost anything I want on WordPress such as customizing frames.

Besides that, I like the fact that there are thousands of plugins both free and paid, as well as a selection of themes. And what’s more, WordPress community is live and always ready to help with any question or problem you may have. So, yeah, WordPress might seem a bit difficult to manage compared to Blogger, but the sky’s the limit with this CMS

WordPress Vs Blogger - Voted to WordPress

Michelle Murphy – Founder of Wilson Murphy Law

Which one did you choose between WordPress vs Blogger and Why?

I choose WordPress for my platform because I believe in owning my website and blog. What’s the point of creating a website, if you can’t dictate what to put on it and risk losing everything because you unknowingly violated TOS.

WordPress Vs Blogger - Voted to WordPress

Tom Wills – Marketer at Sopranovillas

Which one did you choose between WordPress vs Blogger and Why?

We use WordPress on our site, as we need the gallery plugins and the advanced checkout options to rent out our properties. Blogger is too basic and we wouldn’t be able to sell our service there. Also, WordPress allows us to compress our images to keep our site fast, whereas on blogger the images will bloat and slow down the website and page loading times.

Voted to WordPress

Elen Mai – Founder of Welshwanderer

Which one did you choose between WordPress vs Blogger and Why?

Personally, I chose WordPress because of design aesthetics. I couldn’t achieve what wanted to through using Blogger. Although it was somewhat difficult to start off with, it’s nothing I couldn’t learn from quick YouTube tutorials or through scrolling through WordPress help forums.

Voted to WordPress

Anjana Wickramaratne – Founder of Inspirenix

Which one did you choose between WordPress vs Blogger and Why?

I would personally choose WordPress. Why? well, WordPress offers several templates that I could use to make my site look more professional, which will be visually appealing to my audience which will increase user experience, and they also offer a lot of plugins that I could use to add various widgets to my pages which will give my audience more options and increase user experience a bit more.

The most important feature on WordPress that Blogger does not have is that we can deeply SEO optimize the site/blogs. In my opinion unable to SEO optimize in Blogger is a huge disadvantage as you are missing out the opportunity to get your site/blog to more audiences by ranking higher on Google.

Voted to WordPress

Charles Floate – Founder of Dfylinks

Which one did you choose between WordPress vs Blogger and Why?

I choose WordPress because as great as a blogger is, it doesn’t have the shopping and customizable features that WordPress has. I need the features in WordPress to sell my services and show myself and my website in the best quality light. Blogger doesn’t highlight as well as WordPress.

Voted to WordPress

Rio – Founder of Rio Rocket

Which one did you choose between WordPress vs Blogger and Why?

The choice for me is WordPress as it enables me to access to modify every aspect of the website through its CMS. There are powerful, gorgeous themes that can be purchased and customized to create almost any type of website imaginable including high-level e-commerce websites.

Big brands such as Bloomberg, TechCrunch, BBC America, The New Yorker, Variety, Sony Music, MTV News, Microsoft News Center, Time Inc, The Mozilla Blog, and The Wall Street Journal Law Blog are built using the WordPress platform.

Voted to WordPress

David Kutcher – Founder of confluentforms

Which one did you choose between WordPress vs Blogger and Why?

It depends entirely on the project and client. For some projects, Blogger is the best choice because we can launch a beautiful small website with a blog for a client, and even if they never touch it, we’re not worried about it being hacked or the server crashing. For others, complex functionalities are needed, so WordPress is the much better choice.

Voted to WordPress

John Frigo – Founder of Mysupplementstore

Which one did you choose between WordPress vs Blogger and Why?

For years I used Blogger. Even though I knew I should graduate to WordPress, I was comfortable with it and used to using it. I’m a believer in the idea the platform your comfortable with and will use the most is the best platform, even if another platform may be superior.

So if your comfortable with Blogger and will post frequently and create a lot of content but you wouldn’t on WordPress I think Blogger is the right platform for you, even though many would argue WordPress is a superior platform.

I have since graduated to WordPress for a couple of reasons. First I wanted to truly own my Blog and with Blogger your always potentially at the subject of Google Blogger taking down your blog. I also changed as I wanted some advanced features and functionality and wanted to begin building an email list.

Voted to Blogger

Did you Know? In Survey of WordPress Vs Blogger, WordPress Gets Majority of Votes and Blogger Get Only One Vote – Tweet this

WordPress Vs Blogger: FAQs

WordPress vs blogger which is better?

Definitely, WordPress is Better than Blogger Because Blogger Does Not Provide SEO Optimisation and Many other Features that is necessary for Website.

Can I move WordPress to Blogger?

Yes, you can move your Website Anywhere from WordPress. But this needs some technical work to do, If you are thinking about migrating WordPress to blogger then don’t do this, You’ll lose your ranking.

Is WordPress Free?

Yes, WordPress is Free But you need to Pay for Hosting charges because WordPress doesn’t Provide Hosting For Free.

Is Blogger free?

Yes, Blogger is Fully Free and Blogger Provide Free Hosting for Lifetime.

Can I make money on Blogger?

of course, If your Website Rank on Search Engine and you will get traffic then you definitely earn money from blogger.

Which is better for photography blog WordPress vs blogger?

If you want Professional Blog for Photography then you must go with WordPress because WordPress Provide Advanced Customization Feature.

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Majority of experts prefer WordPress because WordPress has more functionality than Blogger.

So, as per the experts and founders on WordPress Vs Blogger, WordPress is the Winner

As In my Opinion, WordPress is the best solution because of WordPress provide maximum features that need in blog or website.

The final winner on WordPress vs Blogger is WordPress.

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