How to Create Bootable USB Windows 10

Hey Guys, Welcome to my brand new article “create bootable USB windows 10″. So we first discuss what is bootable Pendrive and why we make our Pendrive bootable.

What is bootable Pendrive:

Bootable Pendrive is also known as CD-ROM. Bootable Pendrive helps us to install any operating system in your computer & you can install big ISO files using bootable Pendrive.

Uses of bootable Pendrive:

  • Can use to install Os from USB like windows, Linux…
  • Can use USB as a live OS…

Why we make our Pendrive bootable:

The answer is simple. When we have to install an operating system on our device, like windows, Linux.

You will surely know that any operating system is in the ISO file. To install the ISO file, you have to boot your Pendrive.

Use windows media creation tool to create Pendrive bootable:

Windows media creation tool is launched by Microsoft.this tool is to help us to create bootable Pendrive.

Here is How to Create Bootable USB Windows 10

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Here are the steps you can follow to download windows media creation tool & make Pendrive bootable:

  1. Visit Windows Media Creation Tool Website

    Visit this website to download windows media creation tool – Click here

  2. Download Windows Media Creation Tool

    Download and install windows media creation tool in your laptop/desktop.

  3. Download ISO File

    Now, Download software of windows 10 / Windows 8 ISO file.

  4. Browse windows 10 ISO File

    Browse windows 10 iso/disc file.

  5. Open Setup

    Find Setup file and open it.

  6. Create Installation Media

    Now click on “Create installation media for another PC”

  7. Select USB Flash Drive

    Choose the USB flash drive to make your Pendrive bootable. Now your Pendrive is Bootable.

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Follow the steps given above to Create Bootable USB Windows 10 🙂

If you have any question or problem regarding this feel free to drop a comment below.

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