How to install Dell Mobile Connect app on any device (Version – 3.0)

Dell Recently Launched the “Dell mobile connect” app in 2018. The dell mobile connects app only runs in a new laptop launched after 2018 by Dell [You can download this app on any device by following the steps given below]. Features of this app connect your Android or IOS device to your Laptop via Bluetooth and you can send, receive messages or calls on your Laptop.

Features of Dell Mobile Connect

Here are the main features of dell mobile connect app

  • Hands-free phone calls – You can take your phone calls using pc when you’re connected with dell mobile connect.
  • Text Messages – You can send & receive text messages from pc.
  • Notification – You can receive your mobile notification in your pc (like – WhatsApp messages, Facebook notification, etc)
  • Screen Mirroring – Screen mirroring is the best way to protect your smartphone display to pc using mobile connect app.
  • Contacts – You can see your mobile contact in pc using a mobile connect app.

When you go to the store to download Dell Mobile Connect, If your laptop company is not Dell, or you have a Dell Laptop but bought it before 2018, then if you search this app  on the store then this will look something like this.”This app is not comfortable with this device”

So if you are facing this kind of problem, you can download this app by following the steps given below.

Here is how to install Dell mobile connect on any Windows 10 Laptops.

Steps for download and install dell mobile connect:

Time needed: 1 minute.

Follow the steps given below to dell mobile connect to download and run easily on your laptop.

  1. Turn on Developer Mode

    The First Step I have for you is to turn on developer mode of your pc through going to Setting>Update and Security>For Developers.

  2. Download Dell Mobile Connect Appx

    The Second Step I have for you is download dell mobile connect Appx File from here (Old Version 1.0, See Latest Version Below)

  3. Install Dell Mobile Connect Appx

    The Third Step I have for you is to install the dell mobile connect app by double-clicking on the Dell mobile Connect Appx file.

  4. Download Dell Mobile Connect Driver Zip

    The Fourth Step I have for you is to download the dell mobile connect driver to run the dell mobile connect app successfully.

  5. Extract Dell Mobile Connect Zip

    The Fifth Step I have for you is to extract dell mobile connect zip on your laptop.

  6. Find ‘dellmobleconnectsetup’ and then install

    The Sixth Step I have for you open extracted file and then find ‘dellmobleconnectsetup’ file and then double click on it to install.

Now your mobile connects app is successfully downloaded and installed and ready to go 🙂

Now your mobile connect is ready for the run on your laptop.

Download Dell Mobile Connect Version 2.0 Appx

What’s new in dell mobile connect 2.0 version

  • Android users will now be able to wirelessly drag and drop photos, videos, music, and documents between their PC and smartphone
  • A totally redesigned user interface • Android group text message support removed due to Google/Android policy changes
  • Removing Android 5 support
  • Performance enhancements and bug fixes

Notice – Please Do Not Close this Tab while Downloading.

Download Dell Mobile Connect Version 3.0 Appx (Latest Version)

What’s new in dell mobile connect 3.0 version

  • File Transfer for photos and videos is now available for iPhone users.
  • Mirroring is now available for iPhone users.
  • MMS support for images or videos for Android users.
  • No need to keep the Dell Mobile Connect iPhone app in the foreground for sending SMS.

Notice – Please Do Not Close this Tab while Downloading.

Steps for connecting it to your smartphone:

  • First, you need to install the “dell mobile connect” app on your android/ios device.
  • Now open mobile connect app on the laptop (see screenshots below)
  • Enable your Bluetooth and connect it to your device.
  • Now select your phone types IOS/Android and press the Next button ( see screenshots below).
Dell mobile connect
  • Open dell mobile connect app in android/ios smartphone.
  • Now Click Pair with a pc button on the smartphone.
  • After that, you can see code in your smartphone like-“GEFBWBC”
  • Fill code in your laptop mobile connect app and press Next Button.
Dell mobile connect
  • Enjoy with your app.

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If you follow all the steps carefully then you definitely install this app in your device without any trouble. If you have any information or have a  question, Post a comment below in the comment box, I will reply to you.